Ascosys: Changing the Face of Education with Quality E-learning Solutions

 Mondeep Sarma,    Director & Project Head Gyansrota

Mondeep Sarma

Director & Project Head Gyansrota

The E-learning industry in India has been growing rapidly in the last few years. Valued at Rs.91.41 Billion in 2020, the onset of the pandemic gave this industry a massive push, with every educational institution shifting to an online mode of teaching. In addition to the shift of educational institutions, there is also a rapid growth in the number of e-learning platforms that either adopt tuition like teaching pedagogy or provide extra vocational courses or specializing courses apart from the regular school curriculum. Currently, this industry is growing at a CAGR of 17.60 percent and is expected to grow into an Rs.312.13 Billion Industry by 2026.

Ascosys, established in 2000, is a complete IT solutions provider that has develop websites, software, networking, IT training, also developed social networking sites in the regional language in the year 2012. It is also been providing diverse e-learning services to organizations across the country. They create innovative e-learning solutions and build learner appropriate strategies, which stand tall on the strong base of technology and research. In September 2021, Ascosys launched its own e-learning platform Gyansrota, which is a unique platform catering to students belongs to all educational background, and providing courses in various regional languages, thereby standing out from its competitors.

When Edtech bubble has busted for organizations, who claimed to create a parallel online educational system, the platforms like Gyansrota who act as a value-added service to the existing system by enjoying a good market share in their niche.

Offering Unique Offerings
In the short span of nine months since its launch, Gyansrota has achieved a lot of recognition and positive response from its audience on account of its unique offerings. Based in Assam and developing a PAN-India presence, Gyansrota was started with the idea to make quality education affordable and accessible to students in every nook and corner of India. To achieve this, the developers of this platform came up with the innovative proposition of not restricting this platform to an online medium but expanding it to an offline accessibility mode too. “Internet connectivity in the rural area is close to negligible compared to what you findin urban regions. The rural population is facing many problems like buffering issues, electricity issues, monetary issues, and even a lot of them don’t have smartphones to have access to online classes. We have designed our package in pre-loaded version so that no child is deprived of quality education simply for lack of some secondary resource”, says Moumita Biswas, State Coordinator.

Focusing on the holistic development of every child, Gyansorta offers courses in regional languages in addition to English like Marathi, Gujarati, Bangla, Bodo, Hindi, and many more. Currently, their courses, divided into various sections including Math, Grammar, Terminology, MCQs, and Spoken English, are available in nine languages and available in a variety of study media, including e-books and videos.

For us, affordability does not mean compromising on quality. Our only aim is to make quality education accessible to all in their regional language in addition to English to be relevant to a larger audience

Future Roadmap
Working with highly educated teachers, professors and researchers, Ascosys Gyansrota provides top-quality education to all children enrolled with them. “For us, affordability does not mean compromising on quality. Our only aim is to make quality education accessible to all in their regional language in addition to English to be relevant to a larger audience. Understanding the pain of the rural population, we make our courses affordable, but that does not prevent us from focusing on the quality of that education. We work with a big team of educators, graphic designers, and dedicated backend team to ensure professional and quality education”, Moumita Biswas(State Coordinator).

In the coming years, Gyansrota also aims to expand its presence and launch its courses in 17 more languages. Currently affiliated with Assam, Maharashtra,and Gujrat State boards, they are working tirelessly to get more state boards on board with their platform. Additionally, while currently, they are catering to students up to the 12th standard, they are working to include higher education courses in their portfolio as well.