Anurag University: Where Great Tomorrows are Inspired

In the dynamic landscape of engineering education in India, where academic rigor meets practical application, Anurag University emerges as a beacon of excellence and innovation. Situated in Telangana, Anurag University stands as a testament to the evolution of educational paradigms, nurturing a generation of students who are not only academically proficient but also equipped with the skills and mindset to thrive in an ever-changing world.

Ranked as the top private university in Telangana by NIRF, Anurag University is dedicated to providing a holistic educational experience through Outcome-based Education (OBE) and Project-based Learning (PBL). Here, education transcends the confines of textbooks, with a strong emphasis on real-world exposure and handson learning. Through strategic alliances with various industries, the university bridges the gap between academia and industry, empowering students with practical insights and experiences that prepare them for the challenges of tomorrow.
Dr. P. Rajeshwar Reddy,  Chairman

At the heart of Anurag University lies its state-ofthe-art infrastructure, meticulously designed to foster creativity, collaboration, and growth. Spanning over 100 acres of lush greenery, the campus boasts a sprawling expanse of academic and recreational facilities, totaling over 1 million sq. ft. From cutting-edge classrooms and laboratories to world-class sports facilities and a vibrant cafeteria, every corner of the campus pulsates with energy and opportunity. The hostel facilities, revered as amongst the best in Telangana, offer not just accommodation but a nurturing environment conducive to learning and personal development.

With a student body exceeding 11,000, a network of over 35,000 alumni, and a faculty comprising 450+ members, including over 150 doctorates, Anurag University is a vibrant ecosystem of knowledge and innovation. And with a track record of 100 percent placements, the university doesn't just promise a brighter future- it delivers it.

At Anurag University, the journey from student to leader is marked by inspiration, empowerment, and limitless possibilities. It's not just an institution; it's a home where dreams take flight and futures are forged.

Courses & Offerings

Anurag University offers a diverse range of programs with 22 under graduate, 19 postgraduate, and 14 doctoral courses across various disciplines, including Engineering, Pharmacy, Management, Agricultural Sciences, and Medicine. The university encompasses the School of Engineering, School of Pharmacy, School of Management, School of Agricultural Sciences, School of Nursing, and the Neelima Institute of Medical Sciences.

The Neelima Institute of Medical Sciences, approved by the National Medical Council and holding an Essentiality Certificate from the Government of Telangana, aims to develop future healthcare leaders. It provides extensive facilities for teaching, research, and patient care, offering both medical and paramedical undergraduate courses.
Anurag University has a remarkable placement record, with 100 percent placements. In 2023, the university secured over 1500 placements, and 1000+ placements so far in 2024, attracting over 200 recruiters. The highest salary package offered is 38 LPA, with an average salary package of 6 LPA. At Anurag University, students are equipped not only with academic knowledge but also with the skills and opportunities to achieve great professional success.

Opening Doors to New Opportunities

Anurag University fosters successful careers through robust collaborations with various institutions for research and development. By signing numerous Memoranda of Understanding (MoUs) with software and core companies, the university bridges the gap between industry and academia. These partnerships facilitate expert talks, guest lectures, seminars, and interactive workshops, enabling students to engage in transformative projects.

One notable achievement is Anura SAT, the first student made satellite in Telangana. Developed by 200 Anurag students in collaboration with the ITCA, this nanosatellite project exemplifies the university’s commitment to innovation. Another success story is alumnus Nikhil Gunda, whose company Gear Head Motors, specializing in e-mobility, secured investment on Shark Tank and has become a significant industry player.

Anurag University’s presence at the World CanSAT/ Rocketry Championship (WCRC) finals in Serbia highlights its active involvement in global competitions. This participation, in association with ITCA’s Indo-Serbia Co-operation, Space Association of Southeast Europe (SESA), and Indo-SESA satellite initiatives, underscores the university’s dedication to inter-national collaboration and excellence in space research.

The university’s MoU with Telangana Police for Bilateral Cooperation in Cyber Security is another testament to its commitment to practical learning and societal impact. This agreement allows the police to leverage Anurag University’s research capabilities, technologies, and faculty expertise, while students gain access to the cybercrime cells established by the Telangana State Police.

This collaboration provides students with invaluable opportunities to engage in R&D and study emerging trends in cybersecurity.

Through these initiatives, Anurag University not only equips students with cutting-edge knowledge and skills but also ensures they are prepared to contribute meaningfully to their fields, driving innovation and making a global impact.

Anurag University fosters successful careers through robust collaborations with various institutions for research & development

Promising a Future of Growth

Life at Anurag University is vibrant and dynamic, characterized by a plethora of conferences, workshops, seminars, and inspiring events such as TedXAnurag, AUMUN, and personality development bootcamps. The university fosters a holistic educational environment through 40 interactive clubs, both technical and cultural, which provide students with opportunities beyond academics. Events like Daksha, Synergy, and The AU Sports Bout focus on character development, talent nurturing, forming connections, and teamwork, ensuring that students graduate as skilled and well-experienced individuals.

In sports, Anurag University offers comprehensive facilities that meet international standards. The campus features extensive playfields spanning 35,000 sq. ft. including a 17,000 sq. ft. cricket stadium and a 1,000 sq. ft. indoor stadium. Students can engage in a wide range of sports, from cricket and football to basketball and various indoor games, supported by a fully equipped gymnasium.

Anurag University creates an environment where every moment and every corner is designed to inspire learning and growth. This approach helps students broaden their horizons and continuously seek greatness, fostering a lifelong passion for excellence. The university’s commitment to providing a well-rounded educational experience ensures that students are prepared to make meaningful contributions to their fields and the world at large.