Amity International School Bharuch: Building Ingenious Amitians with Academic Excellence & Creative Outlook

CA Utpal R Shah, DirectorThe success of any educational institution depends upon students, parents & teachers– a triangle that represents strong connection and co-operation between them.The integration of good education emerges from the roots of collaborative approach, moral edification and most importantly, strong communication between the elements of this triangle. Understanding how excellence runs parallel to the triangular bond, Amity International School, Bharuch (AIS) amalgamates these three elements together effectively to impart quality education. “This triangle of cooperation and mutual efforts serves as the platform of encouragement and talent development under which the young ones overcome their fears and build confidence,” proclaims CA Utpal R Shah, Director, AIS.

As The Name Suggests
Amity International School’s aphorism is its name that signifies the importance of friendship which it inculcates in the students. Nurturing the youth into valuable and respected human beings through its pragmatic, proactive and adaptive approach, the school initiates holistic growth of its students by not just focusing on academics but also inculcating good values and moral
understanding of the world in them. Established in 2004 with CBSE affiliated curriculum, the school makes learning enjoyable and conversant by employing play way, analytical, logical and project methodology while also enhancing their speaking and listening (ASL) skills. Having an adaptive approach towards latest technologies, Amitians have won British Council International School Award and Green India Institution Award (from Microsoft) and continues to augment their interest & creativity in its subjects.

AIS initiates holistic growth of its students by not just focusing on academics but also inculcating good values and moral understanding of the world in them

School is the second home to every child since s/he spends plenty of time with friends, teachers and within the campus. Creating home away from home, AIS’ace infrastructure is equipped with smart classes, centre for performing and creative art, well resourced library, science laboratories, skating rink, multipurpose hall and a dining hall with the capacity of assembling 500 students. More over, the students also have the option of having lunch at Amity’s kitchen (food menu of which gets displayed on its website in advance every month), which serves the students with healthy food to develop their taste of different food items. Activities like yoga, outdoor games, artistic hobbies, scripture reading, and
festival celebrations enhance the children’s physical, aesthetic, spiritual and cultural development, while reading, field trips, and competitions develop their social, mental and intellectual skills. AIS’ supportive teachers enable the students to gain a practical experience of the outside world & continuously keep the parents informed through interactive meetings held quarterly.

Creative Dexterity & Sports manship
Safety being the top priority, the campus has CCTV surveillance, constantly patrolled corridors &organized fire drills, hygienic water facility, GPS-enabled school buses, regular health check-ups and acompost pit to dispose kitchen’s garbage. As the advent of industrialization has been crushing the handicraft industry, AIS intends to keep the crafting skills alive by offering the SUPW course under which the students explore their hands-on skills through vocational activities. Awareness about the society and protection of environment is stimulated through various social initiatives like ‘rally for rivers’, ‘protect the planet’, ‘honoring doctors’ and ‘joy of giving’.

To develop a valuable platform for good sports persons, AIS is developing a Sports School within its campus where National Level Coaches will provide trainings to tiny tots. Furthermore, AIS will be organizing different activities to help every child discover self and appreciate one’s potential. “We will continue to show an adaptive approach towards latest technologies to enhance students’ interest and creativity in their subjects,” concludes Utpal.