Aham Learning Hub: Amalgamates Technology & Human Expertise to Provide Personalized & On-demand Micro-Tutoring Services

Ajitha Molakalapalli,Founder
Ajitha Molakalapalli, Founder & CEO

No two students are the same, and certainly, each of them has uniqueness in their attitude and approach towards learning, something which affects their performance in the classroom. The more thoroughly a teacher understands the uniqueness of a learner, the better chance they have of meeting their diverse needs of learning. For example, some might want to learn in a group, some one-on-one, and most love a hands-on approach although some aspire to explore beyond the books. With the right tools and resources, teachers can improve a student’s learning experience and help him/her do better in academics.

Aham is a technology-enabled educational startup currently catering its services to K-12 & college segments offering Personalized, On-Demand, Micro-Tutoring services for a wide array of learning needs like Math & Logic, Physical Sciences, Life Sciences, Languages, and Competitive Exam Preparation, along with Skill Enhancement courses like Communication and Personality Development. Established in the year 2016, Aham currently has three fully operational learning hubs in Hyderabad at Gachibowli, Banjara Hills, and Kukatpally, and is all set to launch a new hub at Nallagandla shortly.

“A learner should own the control and have the freedom to learn anything, anytime, anywhere and anyhow. Aham’s uniqueness lies in its approach to addressing these diverse needs of learners,” says Ajitha Molakalapalli, Founder & CEO, Aham Learning Hub. A student at Aham can choose to learn any course, subject or topic at a micro-level, anytime (after school, during weekends, holidays or right before exams), anywhere (choosing from one of its well-equipped, safe & hygienic hubs) and however (in a group, one-on-one, over Skype, or via home-schooling).
Harmonious Learning Experience
To achieve a great level of personalization, the hub brings-in the best of both worlds - combining the knowledge and expertise of tutors with the convenience of technology. Aham’s teaching methodology involves collaboration, hands-on experience, problem-solving, and a concept-based approach, while its web & mobile apps enable the learner and tutor to stay connected throughout the learning process (from on-boarding to reaching goals), Fostering greater flexibility. Elevating the learning process to new heights, the tutors often use advanced tools like Geogebra for visualization and simulation tools for the experience.

"Aham's uniqueness lies in its approach to addressing these diverse needs of learners"

The Ample Perks
Aham not only makes relevant content available for learners and tutors to use, but also permits them to use labs whenever there is a requirement for a hands-on approach. ‘Aham learner’ & ‘Aham Tutor’ apps keep learners and tutors informed of the class schedules and facilitate them to discuss and share files etc beyond the class. The apps also give them a recommendation of classes/courses depending on the previous classes taken or interest shown.

A learner with an interest to join Aham is on-boarded via a placement test and gaps, if any, are identified. Following that, the student attends a few incubation classes to make sure he/she is comfortable moving forward, and a personalized learning plan is then created and followed with periodic assessments. This explains why Aham is preferred by numerous students from top international schools in Hyderabad, who seek its extra help to reach their goals. Be it learners who need help with a particular concept or subject or the ones who need help with home schooling, consider Aham as their alternative school. Based on the testimony of a few such students who benefited from Aham, the hub was recruited by Indus International School for the school year 2017-18 to provide after school help for their hostel boarders in their own campus. In fact, the founder’s son, Srenik, is a Homeschooling student at Aham. The IB topper from Indus International School, Ria Thimmaihgari is an Aham student
who took on-demand help for SAT exams. The hub is also in the process of joining hands with an engineering college to provide tutoring and mentoring services as a four-year plan for their incoming engineering students and render industry-ready training services for the third-year students.

Aham is spearheaded by the very dynamic Ajitha, who brings tremendous insight, experience and a sense of direction to the team. All the 70+ staff members at Aham are extremely self-motivated with a passion for teaching & subject expertise. The key to the tutor-hiring process is that Aham handpicks tutors from the industry with a passion for teaching and expertise in their subject. They are then assessed by allocating a shadow class and a thorough credentials check is carried-out.

“Students' feedback on a tutor's first shadow class is taken as a priority while on-boarding the tutor. Industry experts join us because we provide them with an ideal environment – small class size, flexible schedule, access to required tools, safe & hygienic facility, along with readily available content,” says Ajitha. “All our tutors are very passionate about their work and that’s what keeps the energy flowing,” she remarks.

Key Management:
Ajitha Molakalapalli, Founder & CEO
Ajitha holds an Executive Leadership certificate from Cornell University on top of her Master's degree in Computer Science and Engineering. Her lifelong passion for technology and education along with her experience as a teacher, parent, student, technologist, and a leader is what drove her to establish the Aham Learning Hub in India in early 2016 and incept Aham Technologies Inc, a U.S. based Technology Company in late 2016. In the coming months, Aham’s Indian and U.S. entities will be strategically connected to form an Edutech Company.

Offices: Hyderabad & U.S.
●Personalized & On-demand Micro-Tutoring services
●Mentoring & Career Counselling by experts
●Placement testand on-going assessments
●Web & Mobile apps for learning assistance
●Collaboration beyond classrooms