Ryan International Group Of Institutions: Developing Global Citizen Leaders through Holistic Education

Dr. Grace Pinto,  Managing Director

Dr. Grace Pinto

Managing Director

As the world develops, new technologies are invented with the hope of introducing welfare to the lives of human beings. Technology is continuously evolving and it is here to stay. Education sector has made tremendous effort to integrate technology to transform the educational pedagogy and methodology by building a dynamic collaboration of experts and enhancing the positive effects of technology in learning. With its first school in Mumbai starting in 1976, Ryan International Group has grown and branched over 145 institutions in a span of 46 years. Established by Dr. A.F. Pinto, Chairman and Dr Grace Pinto, Managing Director, with a vision to spread quality education across India, today the group has 18,000 faculty members in schools across 18 states and 40 cities of India with over 20,000 children passing through yearly. The core interest of Ryan International Group has been in the sphere of quality education, commitment to excellence, and shaping the future. The Group is considered one of India's largest privately owned groups of schools offering K-12 curriculum through the state national and international boards.

With a legacy spanning four decades, Ryan International Group can be proud of its alumni who have made significant contributions across a range of industries, including IT, banking, medicine sports, mass media & journalism, engineering, and more. Just a few of the many exceptional Ryan Alumni are highlighted here Sports Journalist Jatin Sapru, First Indian Female CEO of a Unicorn Company Ankita Bose, Arjuna Awardee and International Badminton Champion Chirag Shetty among others.

Imparting Knowledge Digitally
The need of the hour is the integration of new technologies in education which act as a great enabler in the effective delivery of teaching and learning. Keeping with the trends, the Ryan Group continues to make education relevant engaging and accessible through innovation in leveraging technology and its tools and bring in new learning methods with focus on global outlook in career, entrepreneurship skills and engaging students in an immersive learning experience. Through the integration of technology, the Ryan Group is committed to transform 'traditional'schools into dynamic, interactive learning environments that benefit not only students, teachers and direct stakeholders, but also their communities, cities and country.

Providing Excellence in Education & All-Round Development
"Our motto is `Excellence in Education and All-Round Development', and we are focused on delivering holistic education through the integration of academics and co-curricular activities as well as offering learning opportunities beyond the classroom. Our
effort has always been to reinvent ourselves consistently to nurture inspiring teachers and developing 21st Century Skills of Critical thinking, Creativity, Collaboration, Communication, Entrepreneurship, and Leadership Skills among our children to foster value laden responsible citizen leaders” says Dr. Grace Pinto, Managing Director, Ryan Group.

There are various national and international events and activities in Ryan Group pioneered by Dr Grace Pinto and her team that fosters skills among children and helps them become confident well-equipped and lifelong learners.

International Theatre Festival(ITF): It is the longest flagship event of the Ryan Group with over 12000 participants from over 30 countries gather to participate in this mega event and experience different cultures, develop friendships and foster international mindedness. Indian Model United Nations(INMUN) is hosted by the Ryan Group that draws the participation of over 1500 delegates annually from countries from the South Asian Continent. At this event, students not only develop leadership skills but also improve their knowledge on geopolitical issues and learn the actual functioning of the United Nations.

The World Scholar's Cup(WSC) is a prestigious event that aims to raise the bar in group debate, collaborative writing, and general knowledge on a variety of subjects including literature, science, biotechnology, art, music, and history. In 2013, the Ryan Group hosted the largest ever Regional Round in Mumbai, with over 1,400 delegates in attendance.

International Cultural Exchange(ICE): Ryan Group provides a wide global exposure to their students through various educational exchange programmes to UK, Switzerland, Germany and Australia which helps them gain a better understanding of arts, culture, and global perspectives.

NASA: As part of the educational programme, students are given the opportunity to participate in a special workshop at NASA(USA)each year.

Ryan TV ­Education Through Lens:Through this endeavour, children are provided opportunity to undertake media studies,TV journalism, film making and camera handling.The Group has state of the art fullfledged in house studios located in Mumbai and Bangalore.

Excellence in Sports: In the field of sport, the group has collaborated with the best in the industry to bring worldclass coaching to children. Ryanites are consistently achieving several accolades at State, National and International levels.

Global Collaboration:Ryan Group facilitates higher education opportunities for the students through their strategic partnership with PennHub- State of Pennsylvania.

Nurturing Socially Responsible Citizens: To generate awareness among the students and help them develop a selfless attitude, the Ryan Group of schools strongly emphasizes activities aimed at advancing the welfare of society as a whole.

The group is committed to fostering industry academia partnership to provide new avenues to their students for 'learning by doing' and to upskill and reskill and reinvent themselves to keep up with an ever-changing world.

Dr. Grace Pinto, Managing Director, Ryan International Group of Institutions
Together with her husband Dr. A.F. Pinto, Chairman, Ryan Group envisioned to transform the educational landscape in the country and to make quality education available to all children. Through her commitment, perseverance and with faith in God, she stayed focused to her dream. Today, Dr. Grace is well recognized for her exemplary work and noteworthy contribution to the field of education.