Top 100 Engineering Colleges in India 2021

The national love affair with the profession of Engineering can be easily rationalised if one asks the right question Does a civilization need students of science with a focus on practical application? Of course that’s the kind of human capital that a country in the process of building itself would need! But some where along the line, aided by the BPO, IT and other miscellaneous booms, engineering stopped being seen as the bedrock for development, but rather the minimum qualification for the acquisition of seemingly any job whatsoever. Well, that’s a bitter man’s opinion and is absolutely biased in so many levels we cannot begin to explain, lest its takes the entire length of this edition.

The fulcrum to nations prosperity and security during a international, knowledge-driven economy can be its leadership in technology and innovation. Only the best engineering education and educators can produce next generation ‘Sir MV’. The true importance in engineering education can be measured from the changes we have seen globally. For the past couple of years, the world has faced indefinite challenges, diseases, energy crisis, development, climatic and other problems which needed some methods of solution and has been in some manner resolved by engineering resource involvement. In other words engineers secure the faith of growing economy. Thus, the future may need highly sophisticated force having mastery over all disciplines of science, mathematics and dramatically changing technology. This demands for skilled life training to engineering students in all universities.

Comprehending the end-to-end aspects involved within the world of engineering colleges, siliconindia has come up with a detailed listing ‘Top 100 Engineering Colleges in India - 2019’. A distinguished panel encompassing siliconindia Editorial Board, engineering experts, HR managers, recent graduates, job portals and recruitment firms, has created this list of forerunners in the engineering education sector of India. This panel has further eased-out the search for its readers by developing individual listings of Top 10 Engineering Colleges with respect to North, South, East, West & Central zones in India, along with a dedicated category of Emerging Engineering Colleges.

This design of the survey is aimed at enlightening students and their parents about academic prowess of the existing private engineering colleges & institutes and the versatile experiences they can inculcate. This exhaustive list of institutions is attributed to helping the student-parent community to make the right choices and take that first step toward a successful career. With this survey, siliconindia Education is positioned to aid the budding inventors, academicians, scientists, researchers, and answer questions pertaining to the listed institutions.

We realize that parameters must be chosen dynamically as the focus keeps shifting due to changing education environment, needs of the society and technology developments and varied outcomes. Thus, a subjective system of assigning scores basis of various parameters by a few experts was not the best solution. As you read above, for this, we have developed a more robust statistical approach using a regression model. We have taken utmost care to be statistically sound and un-biased in our approach as well as ensure wide coverage.

The survey and the ranking methodology is initiated by collating an encyclopaedic list of engineering institutes that have marked their impactful presence in the recent past. each institute has been hand-picked by our panel of experts who have put explicit stress on selecting only the best and second to none engineering institutes of the country.

Short listed engineering colleges are required to fill out a highly intricate and detailed questionnaire enquiring on facilities, functionality, student gender ratio, student professor ratio, Qualifying Entrance Test, Faculty experience, placements, and educational offerings. The answers submitted are then analyzed and credits are awarded based on their self-declared answers that further undergo a stringent audit & scrutiny. Unlike many unilateral surveys conducted, ours is a bilateral one wherein we introduce a unique blend of self-acknowledgment and assessment process thereby making it the most accurate rankings available.

Placement at engineering colleges are one of the most important factors that hold ground for the institute in terms of trust that its students place in it. Most colleges strive to provide the best and authentic placements in the campus. Some ensure 100 percent placement, whereas some stick to limited but highly paid placements. Now, even though the colleges declare their placement records in their answers, we go the extra mile to collect sample data of salaries of the alumni. This gives a more clearer picture of the on ground reality.

As mentioned earlier, the methodology also include zone wise rankings. These exclusive, zone wise listings shed light on the topmost engineering colleges in each zone that excel in a range of elements right from academic pursuits, courses offered, industrial collaborations, research & innovation, placements, and many others. The listing Top 10 Emerging Engineering Colleges delivers an overall picture of the novel, fast-growing colleges that are striving to engrave their excellence in the engineering realm of India with their attractive courses, magnificent infrastructure, and well versed faculty. Moreover, the magazine also incorporates the unfolding trends and advancements in the engineering sphere of India.