This New Zealand university introduces scholarships for Indian students

With the Pacific country’s borders now fully open, University of Auckland has announced an extensive range of new scholarships for Indian students, with some worth up to $20,000.

The university said it is keen to get Indian students back on campus. The university said that it has launched more than 200 scholarships which totals to almost NZD $1.5 million for the year 2023.

In order to apply, the University said that the applications for the University of Auckland India High Achievers Scholarship will on 10 October wherein both undergraduate and postgraduate students can apply.

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"The scholarships will be awarded biannually, with 115 available twice a year. Each cycle will offer five scholarships up to $20,000, 10 up to $10,000 and 100 up to $5,000, said University of Auckland Director International Ainslie Moore.

“This is a significant investment for the University of Auckland and we very much look forward to welcoming these top students to Auckland, especially after the past few years of Covid and lockdowns. International students add diversity and richness to our campuses as well as playing a major role in research and in the New Zealand workforce outside the university," she said.

“UoA is delighted to be welcoming top-performing international students back on campus," University of Auckland’s Deputy Vice-Chancellor, Strategic Engagement, Dr Erik Lithander said.

“Covid has been tough on everybody, especially our international students who have been in limbo for so long. We’ve been supporting them every step of the way and it’s so rewarding to now see their happy, smiling faces on campus. There’s nothing quite like the buzz of students rushing between lecture theatres, debating in tutorials, and hanging out in the beautiful Albert Park - it’s what university life is all about."

Recently on 26 July, the New Zealand government under the Immigration Rebalance strategy introduced new investor migrant visa category that aims to attract experienced, high-value investors to invest in domestic businesses.

The country also fully re-opened it's borders to visitors from around the world on Monday, for the first time since the COVID-19 pandemic closed them in March 2020. International students were a significant contributor to New Zealand's economy and educational providers are hoping the reopening of the borders will again provide a boost to schools and universities around the country.

The borders started reopening in February first for New Zealanders and restrictions have progressively eased. The process of reopening the borders with visitors who need visas and those on student visas now also allowed to return to New Zealand. New Zealand is also now letting cruise ships and foreign recreational yachts docks at its ports.

Most visitors arriving in New Zealand still need to be vaccinated against COVID and must take two COVID tests after arriving. However, there are no quarantine requirements.