Simplilearn, KPMG India Collaborates to Deliver Digital Business Transformation Courses

Simplilearn ties up with KPMG India to offer postgraduate programs in the field of digital business transformation & process excellence, starting with PG Program in Lean Six Sigma. The main features of the post-graduate program are master classes, real world capstone projects and experts mentoring from KPMG in India, live interaction with more than100 hours of live online classes by digital transformation leaders, as well as offer Interactive peer learning via Harvard Business Publishing case studies and real life group projects.

Anand Narayanan, Chief Product Officer, Simplilearn states, "The exponential rate at which technology is advancing is disrupting organizations and jobs globally. Businesses, across all sectors, are facing challenges in adopting these new changes due to skills gaps. In light of this, we are delighted to partner with KPMG in India to bring our students the most comprehensive training programs available and make them job ready. The deep industry knowledge from the industry-leading practices of KPMG in India will help our learners gain hands-on knowledge on business problems.” He continues, “Together with KPMG in India, we're confident that these post graduate programs will provide everything our students need to launch new careers in different fields of digital economy operations.”

In an industry first, the synergy created by the kpmg in india and simplilearn Collaboration is expected to offer a high touch learning experience to the Professionals taking up the post graduate programs

In an industry first, the synergy created by the KPMG in India and Simplilearn collaboration is expected to offer a high-touch learning experience to the professionals taking up the post graduate programs. However, the learners would get an opportunity to gain a realworld perspective of digital lean and business transformation through business case studies and master classes that inculcate a world class knowledge base developed via decades of consulting experience of KPMG India. Alongside, during the capstone, the learners would be mentored by experts from KPMG in India in person to aid them apply the theoretical frameworks to solve real world business challenges.

Dr. K. K. Raman, Head of Business Excellence practice, KPMG in India says, "The workforce of the future needs to be well-rounded and updated with ever evolving digital technologies and management techniques. We are happy to collaborate with Simplilearn to provide learners with the skills and competencies they need to advance their careers in the growing digital economy. Through this collaboration, we will be able to help address the critical challenge of skills gaps."

Furthermore, all course content would be available on Simplilearn's learning management system and would follow Simplilearn's unique blended learning framework, that provides learners with an expertly-designed content, that would be delivered via live class sessions and pre recorded video in order to meet the student’s requirements according to their preference and schedule. Post the completion of each program, the learners would obtain industry recognized certification from Simplilearn and KPMG in India.