NSEB: A Measure to Induce Sports Interest at School Level

Sports has been the pride of every country, thus almost every nation allocates a specified amount for the sport to develop various sports played across the country. Like any other nation, India also allows a sports budget annually. For the financial year 2019-2020, India has allocated Rs.2826.92 crore and this year the sports budget allocation has also been raised by Rs.50 crore. Through this measure, it is evident that the government is keen on encouraging sports amongst youngsters.

Thus, as a measure of encouraging sports among students on par with their academics the Indian government has set up the National Sports Education Board. This has been set up under the movement of the Khelo India program as an initiative to popularize sports at various levels. The main intention of these programs would strengthen the sports ecosystem by motivating mass participation and to bring out excellence.

Attracting Students Towards Sports
However, today’s children being the future citizen the government is keen on inducing sportsmanship amongst students and encourage them to take up sports as their career opportunity. Making its invasion into the education system last year, National Sports Education Board is all set with its blueprint to venture into schools bring equal importance to sports related subjects just like any other regular subjects such as Mathematics, Science, languages, and more.
This initiative brings in a wider scope for the student to pay more attention to sports. By introducing NSEB the government is not just facilitating sports inclined students but is also drawing other students to participate in the sports. However, an expert committee of the Ministry of Youth Affairs and sports activities is introducing NSEB that would enable students of class X and XII to take up sports-related subjects as a part of the curriculum on par with the regular subject. The syllabus would be based on the National Curriculum Framework (NCF).

With this benefit, the student inclined towards sports would be able to focus on it more and need not work on it separately anymore. Thus, would empower sports, inclined students, to focus on sports with ease. Unlike earlier where students found it really hard to balance academics as well as sports and most of the parents would urge the students to concentrate on their academics especially the students who are appearing for class X and XII board exams. However, with this initiative, the students would be able to spend time on sports with much pressure and it would also assure the parents off with no negative impact on the student’s academic as the board gives equal weightage for sports related subjects as well.

Creating More Job Opportunities
This board has been proposed to both secondary, higher secondary as well as colleges. It is expected to bring flexibility to the Indian education system. NSEB not just encourages students to participate in sports and develop the sports federation but it would also bring in various employment opportunities to students post their education.

We all are aware that our country provides various reservation categories in terms of education as well as job opportunities. One such category is the sports category, this is certainly a prestigious category and allocated as a section dedicated to the country’s pride. Thus, the students who have actively participated in sports during their school and college days get an opportunity to acquire jobs under the sports category. However, making sports a regular subject and part of the academic would pave the way for more job opportunities for students opting for sports-related subjects. On the other hand, this move would further ease the parent's tension pertaining to the student's career would also be relaxed and thus students would get full support from their parent to participate in sports which would increase the number of participants in Olympics which in turn would increase the winning chances to make the country proud.