Is Skill-Based Education Vital for India?

Sangeetha P, Online Content Writer, siliconindiaThe prevailing unemployment problem across the country has raised the question on India's education system. According to sources, the country unemployment rate has reached 8.20 per cent in August 2019 which is the highest so far. The scenario points out the noticeable skill-gap among candidates who are transiting college to the workplace. It calls for a revolution in the present education system. The concept of skill-based learning is more practical and aims at enhancing the student's understanding, especially theoretical concepts could be explained in a simpler format delivering more facts.

How Skill-Based Learning Works?
Basically, skill-based education focuses on developing the skills of students who have obtained theoretical knowledge from their regular lectures. The skill-based education would assist the students in experimenting and applying those concepts to enhance their learning process. In skill-based learning, faculty would pay attention to train students through proper planning and practice.
This method of learning would aid the student to hold on to the concepts, faculty's plan, discuss ideas and present feedback which would allow the students to utilize the skills obtained in the classroom.

Merits of Skill-based Education
Skill-based learning is all about planning, implementing and analyzing the skills acquired in regular classrooms. The fundamental idea behind this highly in-demand education method is to encourage the students to practice the concepts learnt and implement it. This would, in turn, motivate the students to analyze topics, induce logical thinking, and develop their knowledge and making them industry-ready.

The education method induces creativity in students. It makes students think independently and creatively handle the problem, as this method brings innovative thinking. Furthermore, skill-based learning helps in developing critical and analytical thinking. The method eliminates rote learning, thus, concentrates more on synthesizing, evaluating, and implementing innovative ideas at work. It also focuses on collaborative problem solving which would bring in team spirit among students and strengthen them to solve problems.
Effective communication plays a vital role in organisations. Many students who possess good academic records and sound subject knowledge but, lacking in communication skill could not make it up for the company's requirement. Skill-based education engages students in active discussion and other communication activity to develop the student's verbal and written communication skills. Alongside, this method additionally develops leadership quality in students by encouraging them to organize and participate in various events and activities.
Education lays the foundation for every individual's future. Hence, the Indian government must focus on improvising the present education system to build a better future.