Education Ministers Attend Happiness Class in Delhi

SI TeamEducation Ministers and officials from Madhya Pradesh, Puducherry, Nagaland and Manipur on Tuesday became students and attended a 'Happiness Class' in a Delhi government school.

Councillor-in charge for Education for Ladakh Hill Council Konchok Stanzin also visited the school along with Delhi Education Minister Manish Sisodia.

Madhya Pradesh Education Minister Prabhuram Chaudhary said education must remain beyond politics. "The work being done in government schools by Sisodia in Delhi is commendable. When I became the Education Minister, I found out about the Delhi education reforms.
I wanted to come and understand what is happening here and I am happy the Deputy CM personally invited me," he said.

Chaudhary said though MP was different from Delhi, "but if something good is being done anywhere, we should learn from that."

Political leaders and education experts are visiting the Delhi government school as part of the city government's celebration of one year of the Happiness Curriculum.

Puducherry Education Minister R Kamalakannan called the curriculum innovative. "What Sisodia is doing is innovative and it can be replicated all over India. We are considering signing an MoU with the Delhi education department after speaking to our Chief Ministers," he said.

Three months ago Education Director and officials visited to understand the Happiness Curriculum. "In the next academic year, we will definitely implement the curriculum in Puducherry," he said.

The Nagaland Education Minister K. Tokugha Sukhalu said the curriculum should be replicated. "I hope all states replicate the Happiness Curriculum as it will help children grow and build a stronger nation."

The 15-day celebration will end on Wednesday with a grand celebration.