Dassault Systemes, Skill-Lync partner to upskill 10K Indian engineering students

Dassault Systemes announced partnership with Skill-Lync to upskill over 10,000 engineering students and professionals in India, annually for co-branded talent transformation programmes.

The collaboration aims to embed industry leading practices into the engineering curriculums by providing students with project-based learning modules, frugal engineering practices, as well as training and certifications in the latest groundbreaking technologies.

"Nurturing the workforce of the future is one of our key focus areas in India and we are glad to partner with Skill-Lync in this journey. Preparing the students and young professionals by skilling them in emerging technologies will make them instrumental in boosting the economic growth and lead to a wider adoption of digitalisation across industries," said Deepak NG, Managing Director India, Dassault Systemes, in a statement.

Dassault Systemes will also train Skill-Lync support engineers with more than 10 years of experience, to help them in imparting cutting edge education to the students.

The partnership is focused on improving graduate employability, bridging the gap between industry and academia and empowering the workforce of the future.

The content development for the coursework will involve inputs from various industry leaders. Dassault Systemes will further facilitate interaction with the industry to ensure Skill-Lync invests in building the right content. The programmes are focused on giving experiential learning to the students and professionals in different industries.

One of the many highlights of the programme is the first hand experience of building electric vehicles (EV) from scratch along with masterclass videos visually presenting the EV building process for students interested in polishing their skills in the automotive industry.

"With the support of industry leaders, we are trying to address the gap between the curriculum and the workplace skill requirements in the engineering domain. The transformation of India's emerging skilled workforce can be fueled by learnings through real-life simulations of the professional environment and we are focused on making such unique opportunities easily accessible for our students," said Krishna Bandaru, Chief Business Officer, Skill-Lync.