Lovely Professional University: Empowering Students to 'Think Big'

Ashok Mittal, Chancellor

Ashok Mittal


The resume boasts of a master’s degree, but the professional status remains frosted - highly educated but unemployed. This story which is common to a number of students in the country has long been in the making, wherein the roots no secret, as most of the higher education institutes in our subcontinent are still busy making just ‘workforce’. A NASSCOM report divulges that more than 75 percent of 15 million candidates entering the workforce each year in India are not job-ready.

Celebrating 16 years of establishment, Lovely Professional University(LPU)– one of India’s largest universities presents an outcome based education system with a broad objective of empowering its students to ‘think big’. Recognized by UGC, LPU’s exemplary endeavors are never restricted to Engineering or Arts, but have been highly successful in infusing industrial exposure, hands on experience, research oriented pedagogy and strong entrepreneurial connotation into multifarious healthcare courses. LPU’s courses being run in collaboration with industry include Pharmaceutical Sciences, Physiotherapy, Nutrition & Dietetics, Medical Laboratory Sciences, and Ayurvedic Pharmaceutical Sciences.

The Hands-on Experience
LPU goes beyond carving
employable healthcare professionals through quality academia (accredited by PCI)to act as a platform that recognizes students’strengths and weaknesses, imparts personalized & specific hands-on training through out the academic days, and eventually creates generations of healing hands. For instance, the regular free medical camps conducted in the surrounding rural areas have even motivated many students to join the college.

LPU goes beyond carving employable healthcare professionals through quality academia to act as a platform that recognizes students’ strengths and weaknesses, imparts personalized & specific hands-on training throughout the academic days

While it’s not cryptic that quality has a great deal with highest-degree holders in the domain, LPU has an enviable faculty privileged from 30 percent PhD holders and another 30 percent PhD pursuers. Under their aegis, the university also runs an in-campus hospital with OPD & IPD facilities and a CPCSEA approved animal house in addition to Ayushya Vatika - the herbal garden registered with NMPB. These facilities amalgamate with its great R&D efforts to provide students with immense hands on experience, not to mention its state-of-the-art classroom & lab cultures oriented towards ascertaining professional, management and entrepreneurial skills amongst the students.

Besides its R&D department
continuously hosting industrially /clinically oriented capstone and dissertation projects alongside several other funded industrial projects, another prestigious badge of LPU has been its integration of traditional Indian medicine with modern novel delivery systems. “We enhance our students’ aspirations along with their professional acumen,” asserts Ashok Mittal, Chancellor, Lovely Professional University.

Being a Catalyst
Finding an equilibrium between academics & extracurricular activities, LPUians have not only brought state & national level film & arts awards home, but also applied for many Indian & international patents, apart from publishing their research work in high impact national/international journals. Above all, the university has an appreciable determination in ensuring gender equality at both student and staff level. Coupled with multi-phase security including a dedicated fire-force division, LPU stays vigilant in safety assurance.

Located at Jalandhar, LPU’s catalytic campus milieu and versatile contemporary courses over the years have attracted potential students across the country in addition to a large strength of international students through merit & entrance test based admission. It’s quite amazing the way this cultural diversity creates impact on students.

Placement & Beyond
Being the perfectionists, LPU possesses a dedicated division of Career Services that plays a pivotal role in placement from facilitating internships to Interns& internal mentorship, giving leads, generating on-campus & off-campus drives and eventually providing support after joining the company. Wonder how many institutions look after their students post academia like LPU does!