Discover What the Future Holds for an Online BBA Degree with New Age Banking and Finance Solutions

The recent COVID pandemic led to many market disruptions. Students of BBA (Bachelor of Business Administration) could not attend physical classes due to the lockdown in the pandemic. However, an online BBA degree was the solution for students amidst the COVID pandemic. Gone are days when online BBA courses were not considered authentic. Nowadays, online BBA courses are helpful and cover new-age topics in different industries. With the rise of new-age financial solutions like fintech, BBA degrees for new-age banking are also preferred by enthusiasts. Read on to know more about a bachelor in business administration and what the future holds.

The paradigm shift in banking and finance

What is the need for an online BBA degree in new-age banking and finance? It is because technology has changed the way financial services were offered to the public. The biggest examples are fintech apps that allow people to transfer money to someone’s account without visiting the physical branch of the bank. The demand for fintech services rose higher during the recent COVID pandemic. When people were afraid of stepping outside amidst the COVID pandemic, they could still make financial transactions with the aid of fintech apps.

Physical banks also understood the demand for the digital transformation of financial services and started adopting technology on a wide scale. However, they still needed expert individuals that were aware of new-age banking concepts. A traditional BBA degree is not compatible with today’s banking landscape. With new-age banking solutions, employees have to know financial concepts along with the technology used for finance/banking. Online BBA degrees are the only solution that provides learning about both financial concepts and technological concepts.

Future of BBA degree for banking and finance

The future for students choosing a bachelor of business administration in banking/finance are as follows:

• One can become a fintech expert after choosing a BBA in new-age banking. Fintech firms are searching for expert IT individuals that also have an understanding of the finance sector. You can get into different types of banking like retail, wholesale, BFSI, etc

• The latest online courses also focus on learning entrepreneurship and allow students to come up with modern-day banking solutions

• An online BBA degree can make you a master of several financial processes like financial risk assessment, financial reporting, strategic management, etc

• A BBA in banking and finance can also get you into corporate secretarial services like M&A advisory. The BBA in Banking and Finance course offered online by Imarticus Learning is a good choice for students looking to build a successful career

Why choose the online BBA degree offered by Imarticus?

The reasons for choosing BBA in Banking and Finance course offered by Imarticus are as follows:

• It is a course specially drafted for new-age banking/finance careers. The course covers modern-day banking concepts like fintech in BFSI and financial valuation/modelling

• The careers accessible after completing this course are financial analyst, risk analyst, insurance advisor, financial product executive, money market executive, and many others. Imarticus Learning also lends placement support to students after completion of the BBA course

• The online courses offered by Imarticus are UGC-entitled programs that will work as an actual degree. This BBA course has gained accreditation from many professional bodies around the globe

• The BBA in Banking and Finance course will also offer an online lab environment for a practical learning experience


With many financial institutions undergoing digital transformation, the demand for expert new-age bankers has increased. An online BBA course in new-age banking can aid in understanding the latest financial demands of customers. The industry-oriented BBA course offered by Imarticus is the perfect solution for finance/banking buffs. Start your online BBA program now!