International Institute of Business Studies

Dr. Jay Prakash,  Chairman

Dr. Jay Prakash


Having a corporate partnership with companies such as IBM, Idea and Thomson Reuters is not news when we are talking about IIBS.
The institute is known for their efficient corporate training and collaborations. Providing regular brainstorming sessions through group discussions, seminars and conferences, the institute produces skilled and extraordinary management professionals. Due to the academic excellence they provide the students from IIBS are placed in reputed companies from India and abroad.

The students have received a packages ranging from 10 to 63lakhs per annum from companies such as GE, Willis and Citi Bank. Career assistance programs and transition assistance programs are a regular part of the institution's daily routine.
These programs prepare the students throughout the year for the placement drive that take place by the end of the semesters. The institution also provides internships to the students to give them the idea of how the corporate world works. The internships prepare the students for their upcoming jobs and the industry and most of the internships result in job offers due to the excellent performance of the student during their internship period. With all the right facilities to nurture the management students, IIBS is the most preferred destination of aspiring management students from all walks of life.