GEMS B-School: Where Experiential Education Presides Over Theory

Kunal Nehruji, Executive Director

As per an online report,Indian organizations on an average spent $331 per employee on training over the span of five to eight months.This follows in pursuit of the textbook education which creates a huge gap between the pedagogy and industrial expectation. Experience takes over classroom teaching and no one understands it better than GEMS B-School, an educational pioneer offering the unique work-study program.Here students are placed in organizations at the inception of their course wherethey work as paid employees from Monday to Friday and attend their classes over the weekend. The cherry on top of this experiential learning is that these courses are taught by industry professionals and subject matter experts holding over 15 years of work experience in MNCs and large organizations. The fact that they still work during weekdays and teach at GEMS B- School on weekends ensures that the students never miss the real world experience and challenges. They unlock the flow of practical knowledge by sharing some of the best industrial practices with the students.

Thanks to this early exposure to the industry, students are armed with a holistic understanding of their specialization as well as a two-year of paid work experience, which is acknowledged by the industry, giving them an edge over their contemporaries. “The practical approach drives better learning and conceptual understanding in the classroom. The concept of management, education that we offer itself is the key highlight of GEMS B-School. It is very industry as well as very employee oriented,” states Kunal Nehruji, Executive Director, GEMS B-School. Moreover, since these students draw salaries, they receive a higher ROI as they have earned more than what they have paid for their education and recover their fee even before completing their MBA.

The Academic Pursuit
GEMS offers its students with a 70
percent practical training and 30 percent theoretical knowledge where they learn about the practical application of the managerial concepts. The institute offers a long list of courses, including the vanilla courses like Marketing, HR, Finance, and International Business. However, it is the innovative and of-the-age courses that take the cake.

"GEMS offers its students with a 70 percent practical training and 30 percent theoretical knowledge where they learn about the practical application of the managerial concepts"

At GEMS, students can pursue their interest in hospitality, entrepreneurship, logistics and many more via its specialized courses such as MBA in Healthcare Management, Event Management, Logistics & Supply Chain Management and Retail Management. Keeping up with the national pulse, it recently added MBA in Startup Management, Waste Management and Facilities Management. The institute has joined hands with the Startup Club to impart MBA in startup management. Further its degree program in Waste Management (in association with Goa Waste Management Corporation) will help students decipher solutions to one of the biggest global issues.

At the undergraduate level, GEMS launched BBA programme in Aviation, Hospitality, Event Management, Travel & Tourism, Healthcare & Hospital Administration. In fact, GEMS Institute for Hotel Management, located near the Bengaluru International Airport, is work-cum-study programme for the students, right out of the hotel.These courses can be accessed digitally in the form of apps which are already installed in the tabs given to students at the inception of their course.

Another master course crafted by GEMS is the coveted British MBA. Itis a unique program where students study at the Indian campus over the course of first year and later pursue the next six months in London at the University of Sunderland and receive their MBA from there. The course has multiple advantages–it is very economical with the fee structure being Rs.8.5 lakh, includes the UK methodology of practical learning, and more over, students do not have to attempt the IELTS exam, as the programme grants a direct entry into the UK education board. The university also offers a lending
hand to the students with their placements &part time jobs to sustain themselves there. “In addition to the University of Sunderland, we also maintain alliances with The American Heritage University of Southern California and Bharthiar University,” adds Kunal.

Before students can pick the courses of their choice, they undergo a psychometric test where the institute’s education experts assess the student’s parameters like personality, strength, weaknesses, interest, and the industrial scenario. These are taken into consideration to ensure they choose the right specialization and help them prep for placement interviews where the students undergo week long training in presentation, communication skills and interview preparation. “On an average, each student attends at least three interviews before getting hired. We make sure that we receive the company feedback, and accordingly guide our students towards better interview skills,” states Kunal.

The Growth Plan
GEMS B-School, with its institute located in Bangalore, Mysore, Tirupati and Puducherry, is the academic home to 1,300 students who enjoy the latest amenities, a 200-bed hostel for boys and girls, and hygienic & secure surroundings to make their busy lives a little easier. The group also runs a resort and event venue called Fiestaa Resorts and Events Venue, which is a 12acre property with 50 rooms.

Honoured by the ASSOCHAM as The Most Preferred B-School in Southern India, GEMS has witnessed a significant growth in the recent times and is continuously working on new programs and plans to expand to Vizag, Goa, and Delhi. “Our plan is to innovate management education and create programs which will help students become employable not only in Bangalore, but across the country,” concludes Kunal.

Key Management:
KunalNehruji,Executive Director
British MBA, MBA in Healthcare Management, Event Management, Logistics & Supply Chain Management, Retail Management, Finance, Marketing, International Business, HR and many more

Bangalore, Mysore, Tirupati and Puducherry