KV Institute of Management and Information Studies: Taking an Unconventional Approach to Business Education

Dr. C. Kumar, Managing Director

Dr. C. Kumar, Managing Director

Charles Darwin once said, “It is not the strongest specie nor most the intelligent one that survives, but the one that adapts”. Adaptation is linked to growth, and growth is a yardstick for progress. Hence when people undertake the strategies of the bygone era and consider a one-size-fits-all approach to everything, especially something as diverse & dynamic as business education, it doesn’t strike the right chord with those at Coimbatore based KV Institute of Management and Information Studies (KVIM).

The institute is known for its proactive approach to experiential education, which enables the students to receive industrial experiences at least 10 times in their course of 1.5 years, a parameter unlike any other in the industry. Affiliated to Anna University, KVIM has more than 150 industry partners across the SME and mid-size sector which ensures that the students get the core experience of formulating business strategies and ideas at the grass-root level. “We believe in outcome-based education. When you align the pedagogy with the vision of action-oriented results, it becomes easier to impart practical education to the students,” states Dr. C. Kumar, Managing Director, KV Institute of Management and Information Studies. Academias, as well as the training programs are modeled to adhere to this vision.

Programs offered are predominantly the major MBA specializations in Marketing, HR and Finance, and the sectoral specializations in Real Estate Management, Management in Logistics & Supply Chain, Digital Marketing, Data Sciences and Artificial Intelligence. The International Business curriculum, however takes the cake. The program offered here is at par with the Harvard spectrum, giving the students a true taste of quality and global educational experience. These courses are reinforced with regular workshops and seminars where the faculty members introduce the students to new trends and practices in the industry.
The way KVIM imparts its courses is in sharp contrast to what other B-Schools follow. The pedagogy can be considered as a fingerprint program where each student’s attitude and aptitude is mapped & analyzed to understand his/her right fit for a course. Moreover, the institute tailors the placement program for the students, helping them find the job and company that they will complement. Instead of creating a singular entity, students are trained in customized ways in the form of finishing schools. For instance, those interested in digital marketing will be trained by digital marketers from Bangalore via workshops ranging from 3-5 days. Dr. Kumar recalls, “Around eight years ago, I called the HR of HCL and convinced her to hire my students, purely based on merit and if they didn’t like them, I promised I wouldn’t call back. Today HCL is our constant placement partner along with 70 different organizations. We only send our students to companies where they can be the best fit rather than inviting 100s of companies and making all students attend every interview till they get placed”.

"KVIM’s pedagogy can be considered as a fingerprint program where each student’s attitude and aptitude is mapped & analyzed to understand his/her right fit for a course"

Giving an Edge
Despite being a business school, KVIM uses technology to streamline the processes. Such as it has developed software to evaluate the attributes of the students and create tests that will help mould them into dynamic business persons. The software is not limited to KVIM, but is deployed by the Government as well as other institutions looking to upskill students. “Many of them use our product because it is advanced and we developed it keeping in mind the next generation’s expectation in terms of teaching and learning,” adds Dr. Kumar.

While academics is the top priority at KVIM, the need for extracurricular activities is undertaken with great vigor for the holistic development of the students. The college’s Toastmasters Club helps students improve their presentation skills, while various courses akin to leadership help them build prolific leadership skills which are further chiseled during the personality development classes. Understanding that networking is the backbone of business expansion and not all are born with the ability to network, the institute
even imparts networking courses KVIM also supports the entrepreneurial zeal via its in house E-Cell and has started various initiatives like No Food Waste Initiative, a PAN India project with the call center service operational from the institution’s ground where students take rotation to keep the spirit high and rolling.

Pursuing Excellence
The KVIM infrastructure also helps students engage in recreational sports and a healthy lifestyle. The in-house yoga centre, sports complex, and a range of annual tournaments keep the campus in momentum and energy thriving. “The campus is an aesthetic treat for anyone who come. We are very environment-friendly and have an excellent water treatment plant in place while ensuring zero water wastage. Hygiene remains our top priority,” states Dr. Kumar.

Currently, in its 10th year, KVIM is now working towards gaining an autonomous status which will allow the management to flex its policies and work at a faster pace towards innovation and novel projects. “We are looking forward to accreditation by multiple Indian and international organizations for the next 2-3 years, while continue to focus on infrastructure development. Getting it to the next level is the next achievement and we are determined to achieve it,” signs-off Dr. Kumar.

Key Management
Dr. C. Kumar, Managing Director
A Software Engineer with an MBA from University of South Carolina, Dr. Kumar was inducted to Cum-Laude hall-of-fame for academic excellence. As the Managing Director of KV Group of Institutions, he has represented the $6 billion company at various forums at the national level. His current Interests are in the effective implementation of outcome-based education with the use of AI-based systems and processes to enhance student learning. He is also the Managing Director of eNova Software and Hardware Solutions P Ltd (India), President and CEO of eNova Technologies LLC(US). He is also a part of International professional bodies like BNI, PMI, and ISACA.

Courses Offered:
MBA specializations in Marketing, HR and Finance and the sectoral specializations like Real Estate and Infrastructure Management, Management in Logistics & Supply Chain, Digital Marketing, Data Sciences and Artificial Intelligence

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