Smita D Jain: Guiding Professionals To Get Better At What They Do Through Her Empower Yourself Coaching Solutions

Smita D. Jain ,Founder & CEO

Smita D. Jain

Founder & CEO

Employees are one of the primary catalysts who can decide the success and failure of an organization. Recently, businesses have started to acknowledge this and put more resources into creating a more supportive work environment as well as employee training and development. That said, the increasing competition in the corporate realm coupled with its highly dynamic nature is posing various challenges for employees including mental fatigue which can adversely impact their performance. This in turn can put a dent in the growth aspirations of organizations. Leveraging her 16+ years of domain expertise and passion for coaching, industry stalwart Smita D. Jain is providing innovative solution to her clients through ‘her unique Empower Yourself Coaching Programs’.

Smita is an MBA pass-out from IIM Indore and graduated from SRCC, Delhi University.Aside from this, she has also completed her Executive Education from Columbia Business School, USA. She is a certified executive coach and a personal empowerment life coach. Prior to starting her journey as an entrepreneur in the coaching arena, Smita had successful stints in multiple fortune 500 companies. Talking more about her professional journey in the corporate realm, she adds “I joined KPMG in the management consulting division right after my MBA where I advised Indian and global clients on business strategies and transformation. I have also worked in senior leadership roles in United Technologies Corporation and JLL India. After working for almost a decade and a half, I realized that people need more than strategies to succeed. Throughout my career, I have led large teams and I have always enjoyed mentoring team members overcome their challenges and give their best. This passion towards helping and guiding others have helped me to create a successful career in coaching”.

Combining Corporate Experience with Client-Centricity
Coaching has been a long-time passion for Smita and after the onset of the pandemic, she re-evaluated her aspirations and priorities in life. This is when she decided to get into coaching and later, she got her certification. Now, Smita is an ACC credentialed coach with the International Coaching Federation which is the apex membership organization for trained professional coaching. Aside from being a certified executive coach and personal empowerment life coach, Smita is a neuro linguistic practitioner as well. As an executive coach, she empowers executives to communicate their way to influence, get better at what they do and emerge as leaders within the organization. On top of being a certified executive coach,Smita’s decade plus experience of working in leadership roles in industry leading organizations allows her to get a better understanding of her client’s challenges and requirements.

This then helps her to offer better customized solutions to her clients. Currently, Smita offers two distinct one-on-one Empower Yourself Coaching Programs – Personal Clarity Programs for individuals and Executive Performance Enhancement Programs for companies looking at coaching for their executives, where she helps her clients to reach their true potential. While working with her clients, Smita ensures that she creates a secure and confidential environment. This coupled with her unique Empower Yourself methodology has helped Smita to create a solution-driven approach where she handholds her clients to reach the right solution within a definite and reasonable amount of time. In the first session, Smita gives major emphasis on articulating the goals of a client in a measurable and time bound manner. In the subsequent sessions, the client will move towards the goal and in every session, they will see measurable progress. Smita doesn’t believe in a one-size-fits-all approach and offers unique solutions according to the needs and requirements of her clients which helps them to reach their objectives efficiently.

Smita specializes in working with corporate professionals who are struggling in high pressure jobs with multiple commitments at the same time. She helps clients to enhance their executive and interpersonal communication as well. With each of her sessions, clients can break their inner barriers and progress towards a new story that they want to create. Smita’s unique approach also help her clients to succeed which in turn acts as force multiplier for them to work harder towards achieving the ultimate outcome.

Overcoming Adversities
Smita herself has faced myriad of challenges during her journey and adding more on the same, she says, “Throughout my corporate career and my journey as an entrepreneur, I have found myself fighting a perception battle. I had to overcome a multitude of challenges and show the industry what I bring to the table. Despite these issues, I focus on helping my clients arrive at the right solution and after getting into coaching, I have predominantly grown and got more clients through word of mouth which acts as a testament to the quality of my services. Moving from a structured job to being an entrepreneur did also bring a unique set of challenge for me especially in the early days”. Smita was able to overcome these challenges by being determined and disciplined. She also started managing her time by prioritizing on tasks based on their importance which helped her to improve her time management and bring much needed structure to her work flow.

Achieving Successes
Smita has never backed away from challenges and this resilient attitude has helped her to achieve success from a very young age onwards starting by cracking the CAT (Common Admission Test) to get into IIM Indore in her first attempt itself without any formal coaching. Smita’s success has followed her even into her professional journey with her playing an important role in the success of all the organizations she has been a part of. Now, as a coach she has imparted more than 650 one-on-one coaching hours to transform career, confidence and lives of 150+ clients spread across 5 countries around the globe, receiving widespread recognition as an entrepreneur and a coach. A TEDx speaker and a bestselling author of the short story collection ‘A Slice of Life’ and the novel ‘A Price to Love’, Smita has been featured in world’s leading personal development site ‘Addicted2Success’, quoted extensively on platforms like Go Banking Rates and MSN and appeared on India’s leading newspapers and periodicals like GQ India, The Times of India, India Today, The Daily Guardian and The New India Express for her work.

Smita Doesn’t Believe In A One-Size-Fits-All Approach And Offers Unique Solutions According To The Needs And Requirements Of Her Clients Which Help Her Clients To Reach Their Objectives Efficiently Within A Definite Time Frame

That said, for Smita, the biggest joy is seeing her clients smile and be happy about succeeding which motivates her to work even harder. Not wanting to rest on her laurels, Smita aspires to reach for greater heights in the coaching arena by helping more professionals succeed. She aims to increase her reach into more organizations as her Empower Yourself approach can help employees in a multitude of aspects including time management, career pressure, mental health, working better with teams, and work life integration among many others. With all this, Smita aspires to cement her legacy in the coaching arena and help more professionals realize their career aspirations.