Navashiksha: Nurturing Budding Minds

S. Sri Krishna, Co-Founder , Surya Narayanan R. P., Managing Partner,Mrithyunjai Prakash, Head OperationsIt is important in today's society to create high-quality, more personalized learning environments, thereby it is essentially required to provide an intuitive learning environment for children to prepare them for the future. The primary forces driving preschool expansion are the nation's increase in nuclear families, working women, and parental awareness of the importance of early childhood education and care. Navashiksha is focused in the development of toddlers. Teachers, caregivers, and parents form the core team at Navashiksha to collaborate and provide the children with a fun-filled learning experience.

Navashiksha, which was founded in 2012, emphasizes on laying a solid foundation for learning and developing young minds. Its goal and commitment are to provide highquality education beginning with preschool. With the simpler teaching methods, children learn more naturally, and this natural learning ability is facilitated and enhanced by the institution. The curricula is designed to promote the children's overall physical and mental development.The activities are carefully selected for the classroom and beyond, to improve the conceptual and intellectual skills of the children. As a preschool integrated with daycare, it provides high-quality child care that has a positive impact on the child's
holistic development through valuable educational and social experiences.

Navashiksha makes certain that education and discipline are never compromised, as both prove significant in shaping their future. The institution ensures that its students are educated without regard for discipline. Navashiksha uses the play-way method to teach the children. It identifies children's creative sides and encourages them to develop them, encouraging children to participate in group activities and team coordination. It even uses positive action goals and child-friendly & colorful & attractive interiors with a happy environment for children’s engaging involvement. Furthermore, it focuses on 2Cs as important factors- Curriculum & Culture, as these are the major factors that have contributed to Navashiksha's success over the last 12 years.

Navashiksha promotes children in moral and intellectual ways. Mainly stressing on the three languages (English, Tamil, and Hindi), the institution provides a loving, caring environment for the children. It also offers a wide and varied curriculum, a child-friendly and comfortable environment, anddoesaccentuate real-time learning and social skills. The institution also offers a one-of-a-kind learning experience to children through indoor and outdoor activities. Navashiksha's main areas of instruction are to help children develop their socioemotional, fine motor skills, gross motor skills, speech and language skills, and cognitive development. Teachers give special attention and interest to all of these areas to reach the children more effectively. The institution encourages its students to explore, learn in new ways, and shine in the best way possible, thereby fulfilling its motto. Further developments in its school will be continuing until the students shine.

Navashiksha Makes Its Children Feel Like Theirecond Home, Making Them Feel At Ease In All Situations

Navashiksha also offers scholarships to children based on their financial situation, which includes special needs children. It gives special attention and care to special children for them to understand that they are the same as other children. Navashiksha nurtures its children's cognitive, psychosocial, physical, and mental development. A child in Navashiksha learns about his/ her surroundings as well as how to communicate verbally with others. “We provide an environment in which your children can develop a sense of self, explore, play with their peers, and gain confidence. We encourage strong relationships with children to educate them on contentrich learning as well as activity-based learning based on their interests'', concludes Surya Narayanan.