Guidely: Revolutionizing Competitive Exam Preparation with Affordable Online Resources

Sukumar Elangovan, Founder,Gokul Kannan, Co-Founder

Sukumar Elangovan, Founder

Gokul Kannan, Co-Founder

In the competitive world of exam preparation, where success is often the key to a secure future, Guidely has emerged as a beacon of hope for aspirants across India. Founded in 2014, this organization has made it its mission to provide high-quality study materials and resources to those preparing for competitive exams, with a primary focus on bank exams conducted by institutions such as IBPS, State Bank of India, and RBI.

“We started with a vision to bridge the gap between the vast number of students graduating in India each year and the limited job opportunities available. Recognizing the precarious nature of job security in many sectors, especially private ones, Guidely sought to empower students with the tools they needed to secure stable, white-collar positions. Our commitment to offering top-notch content at an affordable price has set us apart in an industry where high costs are the norm”, explains Sukumar Elangovan, Founder, Guidely.

From Inception to Expansion in the Education Industry
Over the years, Guidely has evolved and expanded its offerings. Initially concentrating predominantly on banking exams, the company broadened its horizons in 2022, branching out to include regulatory bodies' exams and selections by the Staff Selection Commission (SSC), railway recruitment, and various state-level exams. This diversification reflects their commitment to catering to a wide array of competitive exam aspirants. That’s why, Guidely's core services include mock test series, video courses, and Bundle PDF course.
The mock test series are designed to replicate the actual exam experience, providing users with a taste of what to expect and helping them gauge their readiness. Their video courses and PDF bundle combine multimedia and written content to offer a comprehensive learning experience. The bundle of courses alone includes a staggering 120,000 practice questions, making it a one-stop solution for banking aspirants. “Guidely's customized learning is unique. The organization has beginning, intermediate, and expert offerings. This categorization lets users start from scratch or build on current knowledge, ensuring that every aspirant finds the correct materials”, states Sukumar.

Furthermore, with such exceptional services, one of the key drivers of Guidely's success has been its adaptability to changing technology trends. As mobile internet usage exploded in India, especially after the introduction of JIO in 2016, Guidely swiftly transitioned to mobile app-based learning. Today, approximately 85-90 percent of Guidely's users access their services through mobile devices, making exam preparation accessible to individuals even in remote areas with limited internet connectivity. “Guidely has embraced artificial intelligence (AI) to enhance its offerings. We have implemented AI technology in our descriptive writing evaluation, a crucial component of Officer exams. This technology provides instant feedback on essay and letter-writing skills, helping users improve their writing abilities”, adds Sukumar.

Guidely emphasizes the significance of technology in education

Moreover, security is paramount in the world of online education, and Guidely takes it seriously. The firm maintains a highly secure database to protect user data, ensuring that personal information remains confidential. Additionally, the company actively monitors and reports piracy attempts on platforms like Telegram, safeguarding their copyrighted content.

Looking ahead, Guidely plans to expand into state-level public service commission (PSC) exams, SSC exams, and railway exams. The company is also exploring funding opportunities to further enhance its offerings and reach. Guidely's ultimate goal is to become the go-to platform for banking aspirants and a leading player in various competitive exam segments.

Hence, Guidely emphasizes the significance of technology in education. The company firmly believes that technology can revolutionize the education industry, making quality exam preparation accessible to all. With their commitment to offering affordable, high-quality resources, Guidely aims to be a driving force in shaping the future of competitive exam preparation in India.