The Hindustan Group of Institutions: A Force to Reckon with in the Field of Education

Dr.K.C.G.Verghese, Founder and Chairman


Founder and Chairman

Global Initiative of Academic Networks (GIAN) the new maneuver of the Indian Government to uplift the higher education through global collaborations was approved on November 30th. The scheme which had been in talks from last year starts with inaugural courses in IIT Kharagpur, which is also the nodal center for the same. More than 200 courses are to be taught by various academicians from around the world. The success of this will determine the direction in which higher education will progress in the future.

Meanwhile away from the entire tussle, Hindustan Group of Institutions (HGI) is pre-occupied with their own plans. With six successful institutions under their belt and various courses at offer, the institution known for its wheels and wings and automobile and aeronautical courses has now taken a leap in the field of defense technology. "Today, Hindustan Group is internationally known as a leading institute in Aeronautics and Automobile engineering. Hindustan has contributed more than 40000 successful students who graduated in the last four decades. It is one of the foremost institutions which contributed in the privatization of education in India", says Dr. Anand Jacob Verghese, Pro Chancellor & CEO, Hindustan Group of Institutions.

The institute has recently introduced a new PG course in Defense technology which aims at providing the basic professional knowledge about defense technology management. In the words of Dr. Anand Jacob Verghese, Pro Chancellor & CEO, Hindustan Group of Institutions, "National security is not the burden of the Armed Forces alone. This in fact rests on four pillars – the Armed Forces, the designers, the manufacturers and the academic
community which contributes towards the creation of the human resources required by the other three pillars."

Facilitating Student Recruitment

With students getting placed in reputed organizations every year, the institute is proud of their pre -placement trainings. The pre- placement trainings focus on the overall development of the students. From basic communication skills to personality development training, the placement officer allots experts from the required field to do their job. Every student is monitored throughout the session and trained accordingly for the placement activities. Students from Hindustan Group of Institutions have been placed in reputed organizations including Wipro, IBM and Mahindra, with packages up to 10 lakhs and more per annum.

Hindustan has Contributed more than 40000 successful students who graduated in the last four decades

The institute has strong international academic collaborations where they engage in several programs consisting of student and faculty exchange, joint research programs and information exchange programs, beneficial for the students. All the students get opportunities to visit any foreign university and spend a semester there and gain some external exposure and a broader outlook. The university maintains academic collaborations with 20 international universities, most of which are based in the U.S., U.K. and South Asian countries. They also maintain international industrial collaborations where the students get to go for internships overseas and work there, if they wish to.

By virtue of being a deemed university, Hindustan Group of Institutions, enjoy the autonomy while designing the curriculum. Offering numerous courses to choose form, the university also flaunts their highly qualified and experienced faculty. "The Hindustan fraternity is driven by
the mission of 'To Make Every Man a Success and no Man a Failure'. "Today 15,000 engineering aspirants and 3,000 qualified teaching professionals strive in unison to establish HGI as one of the best institutions in the region," declares with pride, Dr. Anand Jacob Verghese.

With the successful implementation of the CBCS, the university is now able to provide several choices to the students. Apart from academic merits, the university also excels in research,with more than 10 research centers, the university houses center of excellences for niche sectors such as analytics and big data. The faculty and the students both are involved in research activities, which are conducted through the various research centers in place.

To produce quality, better performance from the students and faculty both, is a prerequisite. To assure the quality of education, the university provides faculty development programmes, where the faculties from different courses are trained regularly by the industry experts of their field. When the teachers are trained by the experts on a regular basis, the students get to be in a class where the lectures reflect relevance and expertise. The university maintains collaborations with companies such as Volkswagen, Hyundai and Toyota. The collaborations result in joint research projects and joint activities such as events production and training programs. Events and trainings are very beneficial for the students, as it helps them learn about the functioning of the industry from a firsthand experience.

With commitment to work for the development of the society, HGI has adopted many villages and are providing free school education to many students every year. The institution has excelled in all the spheres of education sector from providing unconventional courses, active research contributions to maintaining a pool of international collaborations. The institution now plans on achieving excellence in the field of defense technology. The institution also plans on expanding their academic units and industrial and academic collaborations in the near future.