SRKR Engineering College: In Fusing Professionalism Induced with Amiability

Dr.G.P.Saradhi Varma,PrincipalAccording to Department of Industrial Policy and Promotion (DIPP), the total amount of FDI inflow into the education sector in India stood at over one million dollars from April 2000 to June 2015. IT firms in collaboration with academic institutions are setting up in-house research centers to groom the right talent as these organizations move to Social media, Analytics and Cloud technologies. SRKR Engineering College promotes such research culture akin among faculty and students through IT consultancy and collaborations.

Formed in 1980's to provide a better quality technical education for students of rural areas, the institute now facilitate the students with various latest technologies which updates them to work through the various R&D centers inside the campus. Information Technology drives the present world and has become an indispensable part of human civilization. For every learned individual IT is an asset for the knowledge economy. Apart from all other programs offered, the institute's program of Information Technology not only groom students to explore new vistas for the use of existing technology but also to fill the gap of organization dealing with R&D activities in IT and also enabling employability in the IT industry . Some ongoing research projects include Storage Networks Industrial Associations Project, Portal Development for Storage Networks Industrial Associations and many more.

The education sector in India is poised to witness major growth in the years to come as India will have world's largest tertiary-age population and second largest graduate talent pipeline globally by the end of 2020. To enable this,
major structure of development is followed which includes key pillars. One among these is research which has already been centre of pedagogy. Following are the academic and industrial collaborations which carries value to the institute's curriculum. The R&D centers inside the campuses facilitate the students with various latest technologies to update them. These include Infosys: Campus Connect Program, Tata Consultancy Services: Workshops for SDP, IUCEE: Foreign University collaboration and other IT and skill enhancing collaboration with various other organizations. With number of collaborations with International universities such as Purdue University, Michigan State University, University of Wisconsin Milwaukee the institute takes pride in enabling a balanced industry and academic exposure to the students overall learning.

From a total of 350 faculty member, 25 percent of professors posses doctoral degrees in various disciplines with more than 25 Year of teaching experience

These collaborations enhance the skill gap and leverages students for handling IT issues and also infuse entrepreneurial expertise. Educational institutes produce the talent pipelines in the form of booming numbers of entrepreneurs in IT solutions and services. The Entrepreneurship Development Cell (EDC) of the institute trains students with production, consultancy, marketing after sales and marketing support required for start-up ventures. The structural method of training based on these pillars leads up to placements which in turn will help in fulfilling the decade's goal of producing IT professionals. The institute has recorded 100 percent placement having major recruiters such as NTT Data, Tech Mahindra, Efftronics and Aviso visiting every year.

The institute also boasts of an established infrastructure both for consultancy and research purposes providing ample opportunities for all types of consultancy works and research
programs. The use of ICT enabled teaching pedagogy is highly followed to inculcate an interactive based learning through tools such as interactive whiteboard, gaming applications, actions based on student responses and use of online resources. Importantly, simulators are used for subjects like FLAT, Computer Networks, Digital Logic Design, Microprocessor, Computer Architecture and Operating Systems to complement with the teaching.

SRKREC believes that teachers play a crucial role in molding student's career. Thereby, the institute takes pride in attributing the faculty members as their biggest asset. From a total of 350 faculty members, 25 percent of professors possess Doctoral degrees in various disciplines with more than 25 years of teaching experience and also having industrial expertise. The student to faculty ratio is 15:1 in all the computer application and engineering programs.

Collaborated with Byraju Foundation for Rural Transformation to promote social responsibility in students, the institute has adapted 252 villages in East and West Godavari Districts and addressed drinking water quality and health centers, rural youth skill development programs, Aswini project for educating rural school children. Vocational training programs were organized for unemployed rural youth in collaboration with National Academy of Construction (NAC) to train them in skills such as plumbing, electrical wiring, Mason works for self-employment.

SRKR Engineering College looks forward to update good research facilities and modern equipment as are available in the research centres in the campus and take up more projects and consultancy works in future. Developing more innovative teaching learning methods and increased Industry-Institute interaction are the most essential goals of the institute, thus contributing to the country's overall growth through higher education.