Emerging Trends In Edutech Space: Innovations In Technology & Collaborative Learning

Dr. Madhukar G Angur, Founder & Chancellor, Alliance UniversityHaving a long and glorious career in the education field, Dr. Madhukar is redefining education system by encouraging innovative startups in this domain

Gone are the days when education was just confined to the boundaries. This is an age of evolution, transfiguration, and modification. The primordial education system was inherently inefficient, so it has to be remodeled and reshaped. The alignment of education with technology has been the biggest breakthrough in the field of education. The learning which was limited to concrete-structured classrooms, teachers, and blackboard had been substituted by flipped classrooms, adaptive and virtual learning methods. The technology helps us to foray into a world full of learning opportunities and cognitive thinking. Alongside this technological transformation, the proclivity of the young generation to peep into their mobile phones, tablets, and laptops looking for solutions making it easier for technology to blend in. Seeping in of technology has equalized standards and enabled access for all, resulting in the democratization of education. As unreal as it may sound, that, a few years from now, Educational Institutions will be wholly relying on technology for boosting the creative skills, intellectual thinking and imagination of the students.

The emerging trends in the domain have the power to bring down costs and engage learners in a new and innovative way. The new trends had been accepted by customers worldwide. It has given us the impression of how and what are the factors that are being accepted by the educators and learners. Online articles, blogs, forums, and communities have substituted traditional pedagogy. In recent years, we have seen an increase in the self-directed educators that includes content over the web, online webinars and video that may be streamed through web browsers. Increased effective collaboration leads to stronger pedagogy. Videos, virtual learning, and real-world simulations have thrown out prevailing and obsolete modes. The emerging trends in the edutech space are believed to help students with different requirements, learning approach and providing them with the opportunity to work in peer groups as well as individually. Students who were finding it difficult to mingle in the class, slow learners are now believed to have shown positive results.
Here are the few trends that are supposed to dominate the market in coming years:-

App Innovation and Game-based learning
Over the past few years, we have witnessed home grown learning apps trying to push the boundaries towards a personalized way of learning. Schools, colleges, and institutes have started going the app way. App and visuals help us decipher what is being communicated. A few years back, the education-related game enhances cognitive thinking as well as it stimulates analytical thinking of students. Bringing game into space could help us in attracting and engaging more learners. The ability to overlay information can make even the dullest things to intellectually interesting. Educators can entice learners via new apps related to skill-specific areas. With apps like these, Educators can focus on subjects like mathematics and science which is easily understood by learners.

The emerging trends in the edutech space are believed to help students with different requirements, learning approach and providing them with the opportunity to work in peer groups as well as individually

The Ubiquity of Learning Libraries
The inseparable relationship between libraries and education has started way back. The learning library gives educators an edge over learning as the tutors can impart knowledge through the learning libraries. Our educational system had gone through a paradigm shift from conventional learning to ubiquitous learning. With the influx of mobiles phones, tablets, and other devices, the demand for high-quality content and learning libraries has grown rapidly. The growth symbolizes learners can get hold of any content at any time over any device. Some libraries allow uneducated parents to learn interactive language skills that could help them in teaching their young ones. The only challenge coming in the way is the better management of the content to bridge the gap coming from learning libraries.

Adaptive Learning
By using adaptive learning techniques, we are making our way towards more personalized and interactive form of learning. Adaptive learning increases the effectiveness of the program by only providing vital information required by the customer. Earlier one-size-fits-all approach was followed, but now courses and information can be customized as per your wish and will. Adaptive learning provides only the content that needs to be consumed by the learner. To make it more personalized, the platform can alter or modify the information based on user's previous response. The whole idea of this model lies in the content; content must be altered in learning objects.

Collaborative Learning
The technology is making it easier for learners to be more innovative and interactive. This trend is believed to grow exponentially over the years. Many applications help in creating assignments, quizzes and activities to keep the learners engaged. This is providing a common space where educators are seeking to collaborate and sharpen their skills. Establishing a group to creating flexible group norms to promote open communication are some of the key aspects of collaborative learning. From old times to the contemporary age, the accumulation of information and facts has been directly proportional to the man's knowledge. Flipped classrooms, personalized learning, standardized resources have contributed in more engagement. Influencers and innovators are coming together sharing the same space and digging out ways to promote these new trends in learning. The education technology delivers tailored information and makes it possible to learn anywhere through state of the art knowledge. The technology is gradually changing the perception of people and creating awareness on how to make the best use of education in technology.