Top Five Online Assessments Tools for Schools & Colleges

SI TeamThe COVID-19 pandemic has driven a rapid shift to online learning. This paves the way towards the implementation of digital solutions for education. With the increased demand for remote learning, the schools and colleges have to adopt technological advancements, starting from virtual classes to online exams. Colleges and universities can benefit from AI-driven analytics technologies provided by online exam software to streamline the testing process and evaluate the performance of students. Virtual Classrooms have become an integral part of learning and conducting an examination is undoubtedly a challenging task.

In order to make the process efficient, speedy, and accurate schools and colleges can invest in professional exam management software or online assessment software. Online exam software is highly popular as it helps educational institutes manage all the critical tasks related to conducting examinations. It is a useful tool that can be used to automate all repetitive tasks for administrators and teachers so that they can save time and focus on strategic activities. Besides, it helps in providing free access to real-time data for quality decision making. It opens the lines of communication between school/college management, teachers, students, and parents.

Here are the top five online assessment software that simplifies the work for schools and college to conduct exam:

1. Mastersoft ERP Solutions
It provides a standalone online assessment tool that helps educational institutions to redefine the traditional assessment process with proctoring technology that successfully evaluates and identifies learning gaps of students by conducting secure & scalable online exams, and boosts their academic performance & skill-set. Being an independent edTech tool, the MasterSoft Online Assessment Platform doesn’t require any kind of integration with school, college ERP, and university ERP software. In addition to these mainstream educational bodies i.e. schools, colleges, and universities, authorities & faculty conducting
tuition classes can also implement the online test software to ensure better learning outcomes.

2. Mettl
An all-inclusive online assessment software, Mercer Mettl is a cloud-based platform. It is beneficial for creating customized examinations, questionnaires, and managing certification courses. Mercer Mettl aids companies or educational institutions in tracking learner progress, screening talent, and maintaining the L&D environment. It manages the end-to-end online examination process with Mercer Mettl online testing software. This open-source exam management system makes tasks like test creation, center management, and student registration easier. The software helps with examination management for both, classroom learning and distance learning.The key features it provides includes Content Customization, Reports and Analytics, Assessment Delivery, Online Proctoring, Candidate Management, Competency Mapping, etc.

3. Kaldin
A web-based exam and assessment software, Kaldin has various innovative features that drive efficiency. It is targeted at schools, colleges, universities, and corporate organizations as a learning & development tool. An intuitive dashboard, user-friendly interface, and excellent customer support make it a must-have exam management software for all types of educational institutions. The schools and college programs provided by this portal are highly reliable, customizable, and easy to use. It has two kinds of users, admin, and normal users. The admin who is usually teachers and lecturers can add questions, add multiple users via their email id and can provide or deny access to the tests. It generates instant test results and backs up data every 30 minutes. This application is highly secure and customizable.

4. TCExam
A holistic exam management solution, TC Exam has multiple features that drive productivity for educational institutes. It helps in designing online tests, quizzes, and questionnaires, and can streamline the learning environment in organizations. TC Exam automates all necessary tasks related to conducting examinations, in order to increase operational efficiency. It does not require any additional hardware to run. This application contains a large number of modules, and these modules contain an even larger number of topics. Furthermore, these topics contain an immense amount of questions. This open-source online exam software provides equal opportunities to people with disabilities. It has the option of generating printable OMR sheets that can be filled and scanned later to TCExam. It supports translation in several languages, even right to left languages like Arabic.

5. Virtualx
It is an open source exam software that offers complete test and examination solutions to institutions. It supports different types of questions like multiple-choice, true or false, yes or no, drag and drop, matching, hierarchical, and descriptive. Virtualx is used in schools and colleges, companies, e-learning institutes, and training institutes. Its distinguished list of clients includes the Beijing Institute of technology and Association of scientists, development, and Faculties (ASDF) among others. It supports 12 different types of questions such as multiple-choice questions, fill in the blanks, yes or no, drag and drop, and so on. VirtualX online examination system php open source also generates five different types of reports, both graphical and textual, which is beneficial for the examination for further analysis. An option of manual evaluation is also provided for descriptive questions in VirtualX.