Industrial Automation Training: The Biggest Boon to Fresh & Experienced Professionals

Si TeamAutomation, often recognized as the heart of the industries, has emerged to be the most indispensable aspect in easing-out the manufacturing process by making it highly efficient, accurate and more productive. Especially after the transformation of buzzwords such as AI, IIoT, digitalization and digital twins into imperative technologies, automation with the deployment of these technologies has become the need of the hour among industries of today. In accordance with this growth, the demand for professionals with proficiency in industrial automation has in-creased exponentially, thus placing the industrial automation training institutes in the limelight.

Eminent since a long time, the two powerful devices or the brains behind the industrial automation space are PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) and SCADA (Supervisory Control and Digital Acquisition). PLC SCA-DA has been gaining huge fame and development while presenting a breadth of industrial automation training courses to the aspiring individuals and graduates. Ranging from automation engineer, PLC program developer, PLC operator, SCADA operator, maintenance engineer, application engineer, SCADA programmer, field area engineer to much more, the field of industrial automation is indubitably the biggest boon to individuals. Moreover, the remunerations for a PLC SCADA control or automation engineer varies from Rs.351,993 per annum to Rs.1,200,000 per annum based on the level of experience, which reflects the demand of the skill in the market.
Benefits of getting edified on industrial automation from well-established training institutes are beyond just great compensations and designations. But choosing the best institute is a truly tedious task since there are plenty of institutes available and emerging in India. It is essential for newbies to firstly explore the profiles of students opted across mechanization industries and enlist the PLC SCADA training institutes that they have enrolled in. The training institutes anchored across the industrial automation sector generally cater to the needs of students from ITI colleges, diploma & engineering background besides fresh graduates and experienced engineers. They have indeed made the entire training process easier wherein students can just register in their course of choice via an online application while their chances of getting recruited among the startup firms or well-established ones is solely based on their results. Well, it has always been the biggest dream of students trained in industrial automation to get placed at Siemens, Rockwell Automation, Mitsubishi Electric, Schneider Electric, Emerson Process Management and similar other firms who are known for their all-round excellence. Thanks to the endless employment opportunities in industrial automation, students and aspirants of today are promised with jobs apt to their potential.

Besides private training institutes, there is a spectrum of national industrial training institutes in India offering the best courses in PLC/SCADA/DCS. For instance, National Institute of Electronics & Information Technology, Calicut is endeavouring to build PLC/SCADA/DCS engineers who can meet the demands of configuring, programming, installing and operating of industrial automation systems. Furthermore, multiple expos, conferences, work-shops and seminars are being organized to instill awareness among the populace of India on the significance of industrial automation. To quote an example, IIARE 2019, 2nd India Industrial Automation & Robotics Expo was one of the leading exhibitions that took place at New Delhi on 3-5th February, 2019. While individuals exhibited their expertise to industry experts at this expo, they were also bestowed with the opportunity to communicate with them and learn the latest technologies/platforms.

Given the advent of many new industrial automation training institutes, the manpower crisis across the space of automation is being washed-out by the presence of well-trained buffs with boundless passion and determination. These professionals will always outshine as the biggest might of the industrial automation sec-tor in India in contributing to its seamless growth and incredible innovations.