Global Indian International School, Chinchwad, Honoured at the House of Commons, London

Si TeamGlobal Indian International School, Chinchwad, being acknowledged as a `Great Place to Study', has been honoured at the House of Commons, London on June 17, 2019. The school has been awarded with GPTS certification, the most desired glory based on its ranking on the Student Satisfaction Index (SSI). GPTS is a certification provided to academics, who have set an epitome in an educational establishment with respect to student satisfaction.

Baroness Verma from the House of Lords bestowed Dr. Amrita Vohra, Director Principal, and Sugandha Handelwal, Head of Communications, with the award in a ceremony observed by 60 other schools getting recognition for their neoteric teaching methods.
Counting national and international recognitions, the school has attained innumerable milestones under Dr. Amrita's supervision. Standing ahead of the league among its peers, the institute contributes in the all-round development of the students with its disparate form of education and co-curricular activities. The school imparts a focused learning and prowess teaching technique from primary level to the secondary level of education utilizing its state-of-the-art technology.

Great Place to Study, a globally identified auditing firm incepted with a pursuit to reorganize the persisting educational structures and to advance the quality teaching methods extolled GIIS as the exceptionally well representing international school as per SSI survey. The survey was an amalgamation of the feedback received from the three allies-parents, students and teachers, which undoubtedly distinguished the school getting it an exemplary position among its peers.

Commenting on this momentous achievement, Dr. Amrita says, "Being recognized as an institute in the global league by a team that understands the worth of education validates our efforts. This recognition shows us that our steps are in-line with our mission to provide quality education along with the holistic development of our students. What is even more heartening is the fact that our stakeholders have recognized these efforts and their collective faith has enabled us to be a great place to study."