TrainedArrow: Creating a Winning Plinth for Graduates & Professionals

Venugopal Chepur,Founder & CEO

Venugopal Chepur

Founder & CEO

In 2016, PMP was the sixth highest paying certification. Many professionals today opt for the certification, as the benefits the certification outweigh the cost. Organizations need certified professionals more, as nearly 70 percent of all projects fail in most organizations resulting in missing goals and failed strategy. “The cost is always more than the apparent sunk money. One has to realize that ‘projects’ are key tactical execution units that alone help any organization to achieve its growth ambitions,” asserts Venugopal Chepur, Founder & CEO, TrainedArrow, a SAMPRAD, LLC. platform.

Since 2007, the company has helped its clients save millions of dollars by training corporate teams to ensure they follow defined project methodology. TrainedArrow offers training courses for becoming certified professionals in Project Management (PMP), Prince2 Foundation & Practitioner, Risk Management (RMP), Certified Software Quality Analyst (CSQA), and Certified Software Test Engineer (CSTE). “We have trained over 2,000 participants globally – from graduates, professionals, executives to corporate level project delivery teams in the U.S., Europe, Middle East and India,” adds Venugopal.

Offered in both online and offline mode, the offerings include keynotes, inspirational and targeted training & leadership mentoring. While online courses are available for individual self-paced learning, to obtain course completion certificates, offline courses include class-room or seminar like coaching sessions.
Nourishing the Grassroots – LearnAhead

The world is undergoing two major shifts – a shift from an industrial economy to a knowledge economy, and the need for millennial workforce to have professional versatility to cope with the fast changing scope(s) and future of work. “Given the pace of change, millennial workforce ought to be adaptive, and the role of the organizations is to both encourage and support value creation by all employees. However, we undermine potential of our workforce by focusing solely on skilling, upskilling and reskilling, and by labelling and limiting them by artificial boundaries. What is imperative is strong foundational acumen to improve the learnability, and change awareness,” explains Venugopal.

We undermine potential of our workforce by focusing solely on skilling, upskilling and reskilling, and by labelling and limiting them by artificial boundaries

Hence, TrainedArrow focuses on nurturing the industry from the very grassroot level. It has created LearnAhead, a specific program addressing the needs of graduates to make them industry/career ready. LearnAhead works like an anchor for graduates to build employability, meet changing employer expectations, grasp the big picture, endure and sustain the transition and uncertainty, irrespective of their career trajectory. “Career opportunities and resilience depend on certain foundational strengths gained through structured learning,” explains Venugopal. Based on the profound concept that ‘teaching how to fish will help everyone find food for a lifetime’, LearnAhead bridges the gap between college and career, and has garnered over 97 percent success rate for those who have followed the programs over the past 14 years, and are leading careers with increased confidence amid changing job markets.

Make Every Employee a Change Enabler - ChangeAhead

Today’s ‘always-on’ professional landscape needs business and professionals to be well-prepared to survive the constant disruption thrown at them. Hence, companies spend millions of dollars every year on Learning and Development (L&D) programs to keep the employees at the cutting-edge of the market dynamics; yet only 13 percent of employees are engaged globally (Gallop Survey). Many of the training institutes still follow the traditional skill development methodologies that constantly cut the wings of developing a resourceful and adaptable mindset. So, ChangeAhead is crafted to impart tangible, practical and immediately useable knowledge to evolve, engage and support change and transformation irrespective of the professional’s career trajectory, making them Change-Enablers. No wonder the company is earning constant recognition from the clients world over and is growing strong in its offerings and strength.