ACS College of Engineering: Nurturing Illustrious Champions in Engineering

Dr. A.C. Shanmugam,ChairmanEngineering is one of the most popular career fields in India, and thousands of aspirants from all over the country take the national competitive examinations every year in hopes of getting into one of the country’s best engineering colleges. Several engineering colleges have sprouted up across India as a result of the fierce competition for engineering degrees. In this scenario, it is tough for one single institute to make a mark. However, ACS College of Engineering, Bengaluru, established in the year 2009, emerged as a niche institute by playing a different ball game and has introduced one-of-its-kind specialized courses, such as Aeronautical Engineering, Aerospace Engineering, and Biomedical Engineering, in addition to a range of other like CSE, ECE, Civil, Mechanical Engineering disciplines. Affiliated to VTU, Belagavi, and approved by the AICTE New Delhi, ACSCE is NBA Accredited NAAC - ‘A’ Grade and has International HLACT accreditation.

The Bengaluru based institute is setting a benchmark by providing excellent practices like state-of-the-art infrastructure along with dedicated & experienced faculty, curriculum embedded with skill intensive training modules, industry institute interaction, regular training on sports & games, centre for research & innovation, scholarship & internship facilities, and Wi-Fi campus & e-Learning facilities. The institute also rolls out practices like soft skill training programs, industry specific training programs, over 22 MOUs with reputed industries, over 50 lakhs worth of funded projects, assured placement assistance, and more. Its awe-inspiring faculties hail from premier institutions like IIT, IISC, MIT, NIT, NTU, VTU, AU, ISRO, DRDO, NAL, HAL INTEL, IBM, and more. In a nutshell, ACSCE equips its students with the technical knowledge to help them meet the challenges of global standards but also integrates value education, environmental awareness, and communication skills into its curriculum to mold the students as responsible citizens.
Dynamic & Result-Oriented Training & Placement
ACS College of Engineering has one of the most dynamic and result-oriented training & placement departments with an excellent placement record even during the COVID times. ACSCE is the first VTU college in Karnataka that boasts a ‘Smart Fly Flight Simulator’ to provide students with hands-on training. Switch pack, throttle, propeller & mixture unit, flaps with LED flap position indicator, landing gear with position indicators, trim wheel, gauge control, digital radio avionics stack, GP500 GPS module, and external instructor operating station are among the operational physical controls of the simulator. The digital avionics radio stack creates the ideal training environment to practice radio and flight navigation procedures. The simulator consists of a moving map with flight review, including vertical and horizontal flight paths with ILS/ VOR. Flight planning and multi aircraft configuration can also be done with this simulator. Smart Fly Flight Simulator will be helpful for understanding subjects like Aircraft Systems and Instrumentation, Avionics, and Guidance & Navigation.

Hands-on Method of Training
“Our Centre For Test and Data Sciences(CTDS) serves as a bridge between industry and institutions by providing real-time industry projects, internships, sponsored research from companies and government agencies, and technology training. Our Intel IoT Intelligent System Lab hosted a training session on the ‘India Smart City Micro Accelerator Program UC Berkeley’ to bridge the industry academic gap by understanding current technology trends and developing innovation and entrepreneurial skills. This helps our students to gain excellent software and hardware application knowledge,” says Dr. A.C.Shanmugam, Chairman of ACS College of Engineering. The institute’s Centre of Excellence in Automation Technology a part of MOU between ACSCE and Bosch Rexroth & Industrial Technology World Class Automation Industries offering training and internships in industrial automation is another key differentiator. The centre provides hands-on training on advanced trainer systems like Hydraulics, Pneumatics, Sensors, Drives, PLC, SCADA & Industry 4.0, and on-campus industrial internship for UG students of Mechanical, Aeronautical, Aerospace, Electronics & Communication, Computer Science, Civil, Automation, Robotics & Mechatronics, Production, Manufacturing, Design, Automation, Control, and Maintenance Engineering.

Everyone says ‘’Sky is the Limit, but we start from there ‘’

The Russian Tumansky R-25- 300 Series Engine a supersonic jet engine with a straight flow built under license by HAL in India for the MIG 21 BIS fleet of aircraft, was partially cut down and projected in a transparent mode in ACSCE to visualize the engine’s inner workings. This is helpful for the students to get deep knowledge about the various components and working principles of the Jet engine in detail. The engine is having a feature of an axial flow turbojet engine with increased overall pressure ratio and airflow. It has a twin spool axial flow eight stage compressor, which comprises three stages of a lowpressure compressor and five stages of a high pressure compressor. The engine has ten can annular type combustion chambers. Exhibiting excellence in teaching, scholarship, research, and innovation, ACSCE is touted as one of India’s best engineering colleges.