Lalita Foreign Language Classes: Bestowing Requirement Centric Language Training through Exciting Avenues

Nikhil Kulkarni,  Founder

Nikhil Kulkarni, Founder

When you move abroad, language is often the oxygen of a healthy social life. Having cleared the B2 level of German language with 90 points from an old-school language training institute in Dombivli town, Nakul Gadling was quite confident to start his new life in Deutschland. But right from the moment he approached a German airport-cabby, the bitter fact hit him like a bolt from theblue–communication with native Germans is far from what he has learned over the past two years. On the other hand, Prasanna Kulkarni, a digital storyteller from the same city, who cleared B2 with almost the same points as Nakul, but from a different institute – Dombivli-based Lalita Foreign Language Classes (LFLC), had a smooth communicative migration to the Deutsch. Unlike Nakul, Prasanna was well-acquainted with native German way before taking his flight. This disparity in truth has only one implication, be it any language training, it’s time to transform the blackboard & chalk based training paradigms to today’s technologically advanced epoch. This embraces the story of LFLC, which provides advanced & effective language training experience in various popular foreign languages like German, French, Spanish, Russian, Japanese, Arabic, and Chinese across the four learning stages (A1, A2, B1, and B2).

A Statista report suggests that in 2017, the global language services industry market size had reached just over $43 billion and is forecasted to rise to almost $47.5 billion by 2021. Despite being in such a huge market, most of the language training providers linger on acquainting students with the mere formation of words & sentences in a conventional & monotonous way. They often ignore the real purpose of learning a new language. This is why LFLC has created its own league in the market with smart classrooms and innovative training methods, which integrates perfectly with its vision of understanding the purpose and catering to the exact needs of students & professionals who want to move a step ahead in their respective careers.

Smart Content, Driven By Passion
“Driven by passion, our foreign language classes are committed to result oriented teaching. We believe that our way of teaching should progressively impact the learners’ lives by smoothing their way of fitting into a foreign country, helping them excel in their career, or both together. While we are at it, we make sure that it’s done in an interesting and engaging way,” asserts Nikhil Kulkarni, Founder, LFLC.

Nikhil’s words make great sense as LFLC’s smart classrooms are best known for exposing learners in a live atmosphere with ample
avenues for learning the language and fine tuning the proficiency. It’snot only that the native conversations and the foreign language dialects are familiarized with the aid of audio and video, but the institute also leverages some of the premium mobile apps and websites to make the learning more interesting and engaging. Nevertheless, be it any new language, gaining confidence to engage in a conversation with a native speaker is always the biggest hurdle. Banking on websites like Yabla, and Apps like Busuu and, LFLC provides the learner with and guides them through a priceless opportunity to speak with the respective natives. This boosts their confidence remarkably. The Air Conditioned classrooms that allocate a lot of space for activities further compliment the live atmosphere.

"We believe that our way of teaching should progressively impact the learners’ lives by smoothing their way of fitting into a foreign country"

Paying Attention to Each Learner
Although, as a learning center, the key always lies in ensuring that the learners, especially working professionals, exploit the live classroom experience to the fullest. The clashing work schedule that makes spirant learners miss modules is a case in point. Thus, unlike the strictly time bound approach and to ascertain that learners seamlessly enjoy the lessons, LFLC provides time flexibility and never restricts the time limit for learning, which constitute a great example for its perseverance in ensuring success. “Our teachers are internationally certified, well-experienced, and most importantly, are passionate about teaching. They never hesitate to take extra classes and show full concern for each individual, which becomes vital during exams. Our teachers work hard to help students have a clear vision of the language he/she is learning,” adjoins Nikhil. In other words, the institute never takes its foot off the gas, till the learners are internationally certified and become language competent.

According to Nikhil, this is just one of the several challenges that LFLC resolves in the process for its clients. He explains, “Many a time, it’s difficult to attain a seat for exams for International Certification, but we have overcome this challenge by reaching-out to all the centers PAN India and building relationships with those exam centers”.

Growth Curve Ahead
Came into existence in 2014, LFLC today has earned wide acceptance in and around Thane, thanks to its unique requirement based approach and inclusion of video/audio content in its training methodologies. Lend your ears to Abhinay JK, an aspirant professional from Thane, looking forward to excel in his career. He echoed his sentiments, “Thanks to Lalita classes, I have cleared A1 level of German language with 90 points. They helped me a lot and I am glad to be a part of the institution. I am now appearing for A2 level. The Audio & Video support proved to be very helpful. I could hear and see the natives speaking. Again, thanks to them”. Furthermore, the pocket-friendly
fee structure, which is almost common for all languages, has also contributed to this remarkable success anecdote of LFLC.

Amidst a steadily growing market, LFLC continues to grow at an excellent pace, while looking forward to new horizons and avenues. As a part of its diversification strategy, the organization already offers Translation & Interpretation services to the businesses around the world, proving its experience and knowledge by working for a UN project. It’s now busy building an ecosystem of clients, including individuals and corporate organizations. En route to the near future, LFLC wants to move closer to the city of Mumbai and make more people satisfy their career needs, setting new benchmarks in language training.

"Many a time, it’s difficult to attain a seatfor exams for International Certification, but we have overcome this challenge by reaching out to all the centers PAN India"

Key Management:
Nikhil Kulkarni, Founder
Possessing a Master’s degree in Computer Science, Nikhil started teaching languages ever since his college days. Over the past decade, The young turk has become an expert in not only language training, but also in terms of managing the institution and providing the clients with a remarkable experience.

LFLC in Spotlight:
•Career & requirement oriented language training
•Popular foreign languages like German, French, Spanish, Russian, Japanese, Arabic, and Chinese
•Audio & Video content creating a remarkable learning experience for clients
•Enabling conversations with native speakers
•Provides time flexibility and never restricts the time limit for learning
•Support for international studies

Quick Facts:
Year of Establishment:2014
•Graduate & Undergraduate courses (LGPC & LUPC respectively)

Fee Structure:
•LUPC costs Rs.20,000
•LGPC costs Rs.45,000
•Separately,the fees for A1, A2, B1, B2 are Rs.11,800, Rs.14,000, Rs.16,000, and Rs.18,000 respectively

“I loved the class. Currently, I am appearing for A1 and confident of passing. The Audio/Video support combined with great coaching, besides preparing us for exams, they teach to talk, which is very important. Thank you Lalita Classes”. ~ Chinmay Puranik

“I have had a very pleasant learning experience with Lalita Language Class. Personal attention is provided to each and every student. Teaching methods are so good that they help to develop a deep interest in the language. Teaching is done with respect to the speed of the student. It’s not hurried in any way. Innovative methods like audio, video and games are also used to improve the vocabulary. Lalita Classes is awesome!”~Sanyukta