ITM University Gwalior: A fitting Amalgamation of Domain Knowledge and Comprehensive Industry Articulation

Dr. Sher Singh,Vice Chancellor

Dr. Sher Singh

Vice Chancellor

India is one of the pioneers in the global education industry and one of the largest higher education networks with world-class educational infrastructure and institutes. With an estimated population of approximately 500 million primarily under the 5 to 24 years age group, the country poses as a world-class platform for major players in the education industry to invest and flourish. The education sector has seen a host of reforms and improved financial outlays in recent years that could transform the country into a knowledge haven. With human resources increasingly gaining significance in the overall development of the country, the education sector is expected to remain the key focus in the current decade.

Significantly, one of the key players who have carved a niche place for itself in the education sector is ITM University Gwalior, a multidisciplinary university known for its quality of research and teaching across the academic spectrum, with subjects spanning the sciences, engineering, management, fine arts, social sciences, arts, nursing, and many more. “ITM University-Gwalior”, is established by the Act of State Legislature, M.P. and is notified in the Official Gazette (extra-ordinary) of the State Government after having received the assent of his Excellency Governor of M.P. ITM University-Gwalior has been at the forefront of learning, teaching and research and a leader in many different fields in its educational endeavors. In a relatively short period, it has created an image for its excellence as an institution of higher learning through outstanding teaching and world-class research to produce well rounded graduates with lifelong abilities to provide leadership within the societies they serve. “We have a well deserved reputation for the last 15 years for excellence, as demonstrated by a host of educational institutions already operating under our flagship banner i.e. ITM Universe,” signifies Dr. SherSingh, Vice-Chancellor at ITM University Gwalior.

Significantly, it is to be noted that ITM University Gwalior is ranked among the best as Platinum Category Engineering Institute in India by AICTE, Ministry of HRD, Govt. of India in 2017. The University is an ideal platform for engineering students as they get the hands-on benefit of a mix of lectures, tutorials, laboratory work, seminars, and
projects that groom their conceptual and analytical abilities. Further, ITM University has been providing additional training to all the engineering students through various training institutions, so that they can learn the latest developments in their area. The university is tied up with AWS (Amazon Web Services) and provides training on two levels, the introductory and advanced levels. The introductory level is provided to all engineering students and on the other hand, the advanced level is provided to computer science engineering, IT, and MCA (Master’s in computer science) students. Further, the university is on the verge of collaborating with IBM, who will be providing training to the students in the latest technological domain which includes Blockchain, Cloud Computing, Artificial intelligence, and Machine Learning.

Practicality towards Industry Relevance
As classroom sessions were no longer feasible during the lockdown, educational institutions had to quickly innovate and augment their digital capabilities to make up for lost teaching hours. ITM University was already in the process of increasing blended learning before the hit of COVID-19. Immediately when the physical classes stopped due to the pandemic, the university already had the system in place and moved on to the online classes. The university is equipped with systems wherein, everyday classes are recorded and kept in a repository so that students who can’t attend the class at any time can go through it again. Every faculty prepares a distinct video covering all topics and uploads it separately. The students can also get their hands-on interactive session, wherein the direct interaction of a particular topic between the expert faculty and the students is recorded and uploaded. Consequently, if there are any doubts after the session, the doubts can be clarified easily.

Further, with the evolving professional world and continuing change with the growth of technology has brought about a tremendous impact on the educational sphere, thus it has become more important than ever for education entities to remain abreast of the latest changes. Perfectly understanding its needs, the university always stays aligned with the latest trends and technology, ensuring to be ready for the current industry. It ensures to update the curriculum and syllabus every year since there are fast-paced changes taking place in the engineering area. The labs are of the latest configuration as it knows that the students have to be trained on the latest fields so that when they join organizations they can find relevance in the work that they do.

At ITM University Gwalior, the students also get the opportunity to work on live projects provided by organizers of training institutions that the university is tied with, making them industry-ready. However, the majority of live projects are rendered to computer science and IT students. On that note, as it forges ahead, the university is working on collaborating with several organizations to provide live projects to all the students so that by the time they pass out they would have already worked on the same, making them apt and suitable for the industry. “We provide enough exposure to the students, so much so that by the time they pass out and step into the real industrial world they don’t have to be trained again, they can face challenges expectantly and thrive in the same as well,” concludes Dr. Sher Singh.