Upping the Education Quotient

Anamika Sahu, Managing EditorFrom Forensic, Neonatal, Oncology to Pediatric nursing and more, the nursing profession has become quite a specialized skill. With the world dealing with shortage of nurses, globally, the time is to create job-ready nurses who can take-over the charge from the first day of job. Hence, various nursing colleges today provide not just specialized training, but focus more on practical approach of learning.

Despite being among the top five exporters of nurses, India struggles with this shortage of expertise. The brain drain, especially to the Middle
East countries, and limited teaching facilities puts more pressure on the country, as it just has 1.7 nurses available per thousand population against WHO recommendation of 2.5 nurses per thousand population. Further, declining enrolment of students and poor educational facilities also pose serious concerns to the whole healthcare ecosystem of the country.

Being the backbone of the healthcare ecosystem, today's nurses not just need to be care-centric, but technology experts in learning new and advanced technology entrants, should know the nitty-gritties of insurance and much more. Hence, it is important that nursing colleges up their sleeves to provide them with the best of both the worlds ­ care and healthcare technology. If you look to pick nursing as your profession, then the current issue of siliconindia Education's `10 Most Promising Nursing Colleges ­ 2019' will help you find that perfect nursing institute that will help you become global nurse who has perfected the art of care with the use of technology. Read about our featured nursing colleges and their extraordinary endeavours to create job-ready nurses. You will surely find one that fits your career need.

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