Uncloaking The New Leadership Skills

Leaders aren't created. If you believe this, you are out of the league as there are institutes that not just create the next line of leaders but also develop leadership qualities and abilities among the existing ones. From just reading about the leaders to listening to their stories, we now have moved forward to learning qualities that define a leader. In the past few months, the whole leadership trait has changed requiring new abilities and foresightedness to tackle the new normal. And if you don't want to bite the dust, then upgrade yourself.

The new normal brings new challenges. From the changing work-style to even adapting the new lifestyle are some of the major goals professionals want to achieve and make peace with. We may be struggling to catchup with this change and sharpen our leadership abilities to make the best out of the current and future conditions, leadership development programs will help us be at the best of self. With highly customized courses to fit in the need of the hour and that of tomorrow, these institutes are just as much needed as the books and stories of our mentors and influencers.

Hence in our current edition of siliconindia Education Magazine, we bring to you `10 Most Promising Institutes for Leadership Development Programs - 2020'. The list comprises of some of the most renowned names from the category offering programs to the leaders to tomorrow while helping the current ones sharpen their skills to lead the pack. Read to know more about them.

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