The Leaders Who Create The Future Of The Nation

Anamika Sahu, Managing EditorWhat food is to human body, education is to brain! As eating healthy is important for the body wellbeing, gaining best of the education is imperative for a healthy brain. Though it's said that education is the basic human right but to our surprise, India has the largest number of illiterates by far, around 34 percent, which means one in every three illiterate persons of the world reside in India. We dream of becoming the world's super-power. But how?

So what India needs to do? What does the country, which is the second largest populated
nation of the world, lack? Perseverance & the cause that serve the purpose. An absence of the purpose is what is causing the gap to expand with each passing day. But things are changing in the recent times. I am elated and proud to say that I have met several young minds who are doing their part in making India literate. Post their job or studies, they run to slums and such areas to educate the kids and even run night schools in their own capacity to educate adults.

They are no less than the atoms who have the ability to change the future of the nation. However, we need leaders who can change the way we look at and revolutionize education, right from the grass root level making it more global in nature. We need leaders who can transform the current state of education in India. But it seems we got a ray of hope when the government recently introduced the new education policy, which provides a more diverse and strong education ecosystem to the students for growth, innovation and startup ecosystem. We just hope that our education leaders can implement them better and turn it to be the most positive step in the space of education till date. Let's hope for the best.

Bringing you the story of few such leaders from the education world is our current edition of siliconindia Education Magazine's `10 Most Promising Leaders in Education ­ 2020'. Read to know how they contribute towards making India stronger through their traits.

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