The Art called Sales

Anamika Sahu, Managing EditorAre you investing enough to train your sales force? Do your sales representatives know to say `No' to customers when needed? Do they stalk the prospects due to lack of effective engagement methodologies? Do they know your product and organization well enough to transmute a prospect into a client? Are they well versed in negotiating? If `No' is the answer to most or all of the above questions, then it is time you need to up-skill your sales people to stay floating in this competitive world.
A good sales person is one who knows the art of listening, as it is one of the most powerful tools of communication, even more powerful than answering the questions. But sadly, in today's ruthless world of business war, sales people are intrigued towards converting the prospect into client at any cost, thus many a times losing the client's purchase signal. This means more conversing, and even extra butter on bread makes it taste bad.

Hence it is important to ensure that your sales team is well equipped with all the necessary arsenals to easily influence a potential client but without overloading them with information. Their skills will turn prospects not just into customers but as loyal customers and improve an organization's revenue. If you are looking at schooling your sales team, then our current edition of siliconindia Education Magazine is all you need. The issue `10 Most Promising Sales Training Institutes ­ 2019' features some of the most prominent names from the sales training industry who will provide you customized training courses as per your industry and workforce need. Their expertise in turning out sales representatives into sales experts are a testament to their excellence. Read to know more about them.

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