Taking The Right Turn

Anamika Sahu, Managing EditorOur home is our first learning center and the next is our school. But with changing times, our education system has changed completely and have transformed into international learning. This means our schools need to be imparting education on a global level and global scale. Hence there is an increasing demand of international schools. According to ISC Research, the global market for international schools has risen to $54.8 billion by 2020, an amount 11 times higher than the year 2000. The research also predicts that by 2030, this number will roughly double, which means over 11 million
students and one million staff will work at nearly 20,000 international schools bringing in more than $112 billion in fees a year.

The growing number of international schools surely emphasizes on how important it is for us to make our students become global citizens to tackle the global problems and provide apt solutions. What started with the purpose to ensure expatriates and diplomats provide their kids with western education in far-flung countries, international schools have transformed into providing global education to children of wealthy locals to prepare them to compete for global college spots.

Understanding the growing importance, we at siliconIndia Education magazine bring to you `10 Most Promising International Schools ­ 2020'. We highlight about many prominent international schools and their specialties in imparting international curriculum. Going a step further and looking at the growing demand for safety professionals, we also bring to you `10 Most Promising Safety Training Institutes ­ 2020'. Speaking at large about their courses, we highlight their expertise and placement process. Read to know more about them.

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