STEM Education is Redefining the Roadmap to Success

Deepshikha Singh, Special EditorKnown for its emphasis on Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths, ‘STEM Education’ is relatively a new term in the Indian education sector. It is a modern-day approach that is getting a lot of attention throughout the world, especially across developing countries while developed countries have already realized the importance of STEM Education and are enjoying its impact. With the rapid advancements in the country in terms of technology and its adoption, STEM education holds a great significance in India as it enables the
students to learn in not just a scientific manner but also enables them to learn in a logical manner, thus making them future ready.

The changing industry requirements need students to learn as well as update and explore while continuously enhancing their knowledge base through various innovative means and methods. The Indian economy is in the need of more and more advanced skills and a new mindset. STEM Education can convert envisioned dreams into reality. The growing number of STEM jobs and the fast-paced ad currently outgrowing numbers of STEM graduates have increased the popularity of STEM Education, as a result, even students are showing a keen interest in STEM Education. In this edition of siliconindia magazine, we have featured a list of ‘10 Most Promising STEM Education Institutes - 2019’, a carefully curated list which comprises of promising STEM institutes which are setting a niche with their top-notch offerings in this domain. On the cover, we have featured Cognite Intellectual Services, a firm currently vesting its focus on working on using Robotics as a tool to impart STEAM education. I hope this list helps you find the right STEM Education Institute and we achieve our mission.
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