Rousing to Innovative New Technologies for Advancements

Each business is making a move on to the world-wide-web and alongside the growth of digital products & services, user-experience has become more important than ever.

These products, which can range from a web-application to a website, there is a requisitefor having a good User-Interface or User Experience (UI – UX) design in order for providing an unforgettable experience for the users.

For the fact, user-experience (UX) and user-interface (UI) design is crucial to product success and the importance of a good UI/UX design is being reiterated in top businesses across India.

While there is a need to create a successful product, it all starts with designing a great UX/UI for your target audience. The interface between human & machine requires a new dimension of design that not only looks great but is also seamless & intuitive.

UX is for user experience, while UI is User Interface. Both these aspects are intertwined for production of the desired results.

UI/UX Design is the designing process of interface, optimizing navigation, and showing relevant features of a product or service. It is the combination aspects of design with user experience for creation of interfaces that are easy to use, provide what the users need quickly, look great, are intuitive, and produce an overall positive experience for the user.

UI/UX Design caters to user preferences, perceptivity and the emotional quotient. A class apart UX design increases usability, accessibility, functionality and enables a pleasurable user interaction with your website or application.

A UX-design degree is regarded to be one of the most lucrative-streams in the digital marketing scenario.

While both UX & UI are often used in the same context, it definitely means two different things. But, one cannot thrive without the other.

UX is the experience of a user that has dwelled with a product or service or during the journey of landing in a website to the end action taken by the user. It is a more holistic term, which includes how a person feels about a product and the actions that are triggered due to the experience.

UI is high on design oriented services and inclines towards the look and feel of the product. The objective is for creation of an intuitive platform with interactive elements like icons, buttons, typography, color scheme imagery and more.

An excellent UI-UX design helps in getting a better result in the development. With a great UI/UX design, you can easily fulfill the needs of your clients, optimize the customer’s willingness to pay by almost 15 percent and increase brand loyalty by 16 percent.