Reading the AI Garage

Unparalleled benefits since it first came into existence, Artificial Intelligence (AI) is still growing bigger by the day. Its usage across sectors and industries are being, I would say, discovered and re-invented every day. From $230 million in 2018, the AI industry revenue in India grew to $415 million in 2019, and the AI professionals doubled from 40,000 in 2018 to 72000 in 2019 (Great Learning study). One can realize the growing importance of AI. But with the onset of pandemic and now the government preparing for vaccine supply chain and logistics, the role of AI is just growing bigger.

According to Government Artificial Intelligence Readiness Index 2019, India ranked 17 among 194 countries, with Singapore leading the chart. In line with Prime Minister Modi's vision of making India as `the world's human resource capital', NITI Aagyog underlined India's emergence as an `AI Garage' or a solution provider, as a strategy for leadership in AI. Though AI is at the centre stage, the shortage on talent is hurting is badly. To bridge this gap, IITs decided to offer programs in AI in 2019. And not just IITs but several prestigious institutes have added AI as one of their programs offering cutting-edge knowledge to create the bleeding-edge professionals.

Hence to help our readers find the best of institutes to either upskill or learn AI, siliconindia Education brings to you `10 Most Promising AI Training Institutes - 2021'. Our panel of experts comprising our Editorial Board along with industry veterans, experts, CEO, researchers, project managers and more have shortlisted the names and bring to you their details of their courses, expertise, faculty and more. Read to know more about them.

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