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Piyush Agarwal is a BI & big data analytics presales leader & solution architect with over 17 years of rich experience in empowering enterprise customers to gain insights from their data. By translating customerers’ technology needs into solutions to realise their business goals, he has managed complex technical environments to help start-ups and established organisations grow their business. The customers Piyush has worked with span industry verticals, such as banking and finance, telecommunications, manufacturing and large conglomerates.

Finding solutions to address the dynamic needs of the client companies, Agile & Scrum have created ripples across industries today. Thence, convincingly being the piece of larger end-to-end projects where Agile is the most sought methodology of catalysing innovation and promoting growth across enterprises keeping things simple & sorted through a thorough process of continuous iteration of development and testing Scrum else where works with experimental & innovative ideation in projects. To be exact where such approach of Agile offers flexibility and there is room for adaptability to changes, Scrum best suits the businesses that expect quick results devising a shorter framework model.

Well, as Agile & Scrum together are a powerhouse method of accomplishing dynamic projects, be it any industry it is also wise of educators to leverage knowledge and for learners to find the best provider of information on Agile & Scrum courses. So to make you believe in the power of becoming better with Agile & Scrum Education, we through our current edition, ‘10 Most Promising Agile & Scrum Training Institutes – 2023’, bring to you a list of education leaders in the market that offer best Agile & Scrum Trainings.

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