Nurturing the Learning Chords to Foster Better Early Childhood Education

Early few years of a child’s life are the significant formative years that lay a great foundation for their better future tomorrow. Reasonably where homes have long been that place for children to learn & grow in their childhood days, today preschools are conveniently holding that role- giving toddlers’ better early child education and providing for the care & attention children need from their parents in a very intriguing manner.

Lending an extended arm for better nurturing & learning of chil¬dren in their childhood years, preschools are not only shortening the education gaps but also letting children explore the wider horizon of their surroundings by mingling, communicating and sharing words, time, and space with many alike. To making every stage of education count, preschools have been evolving for better through extensive research in child education methods, curating curriculums that deliver enriching learning outcomes. Learning in a fun way through pedagogies such Montessori, Waldorf, ReggioEmilia, PlayWay, and Multiple Intelligence, to name a few, and interacting with different people, including peers, teachers & parents in a protected and caring environment that is progressive, children have an all round development and life long learning that also includes their interests.

Well, to impact a child’s early years positively through best early learning there are many established schools existing in the industry today and many thriving as brands are expanding opening their franchises all around the country. Through this current edition we have strived to bring to light some of the franchises that have promisingly and responsibly proved their leadership in early child education industry. Our panel experts and editorial board have put in serious efforts in preparing this.
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