Leading the Engineering Aspirants to the Road of Innovation

T he prolific advances across the business and economy today have laid an impending need across the nations to build up on their knowledge and capabilities in science and technology and dynamically provide for the evolving requisites of the businesses & industries imbibing innovation quotient to it. Undoubtedly, engineering has seeped in quite extensively in almost all sector, be it Aeronautics, Architecture, Chemical, Electronics & Communication, Electrical, IoT, Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, Sustainability Design, Textile, Manufacturing, and more.

In terms of growth, opportunities, and stability, the future scope of engineering is quite promising. The engineers are being hired in diverse jobs with opportunities, ranging from project delivery to process performance. It observed a 300 percent increase in hiring in India between 2021 and 2022. According to the BLS, engineering opportunities are expected to grow by seven percent nationwide by 2026. Additionally, The Hindu accounts India to have 12 million vacancies for engineering jobs in the next five years.

The engineering education in India is nonetheless any. More so, many B.Tech courses are expanding further offering specializations like Artificial Intelligence, Full stack development, Cyber security, Data science & Analytics, Cloud computing, Game design & AR, UI/UX design in B. Tech Computer Science Engineering. It can be a first or final step in leading one to their future plans. According to the All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE), the total number of engineering seats available in India in 2023 is approximately 14 lakh. This number includes both undergraduate and postgraduate engineering programs offered by various institutes across the country. Even the infrastructure and up-to-date faculties are profusely enriching the engineering education space leveraging their best resources and updated knowledge in the field.

However, given the deluge of colleges & universities existing across India, including the recognized ones and others that claim to have the best infrastructures or academic excellence records, 100% placement surity, it can get challenging to decide on which one to get admitted or apply in for admissions. Hence, saving you from a confusing array of contradictory claims, some of which are both true and exaggerated, we at siliconindia have brought to all readers and engineering aspirants the most accurate analysis of the Engineering Schools, through our current edition, ‘Top 100 Engineering Colleges in India – 2023’ to help paint your future as excitingly as you had envisioned. Do take time to slowly glimpse through and make the enriching decisions for your career.