International Schools: The Rainbow the World Needs

Anamika Sahu, Managing EditorThere is a better choice for parents than to send their kids either at a local school or miles away to beyond the international borders for a world-class education. International schools have not only brought international curricula near to you, but also prove as the best platform for your kids to gain spots in western colleges. This is why the market for international schools will worth $89 billion by 2026.

India is also witnessing a rise in the number of international schools;
thanks to the increasing income and the rising demand for English medium's education to provide an international environment to build their kids' mind as a global citizen from a young age. A report by International School Consultancy (ISC) forecasts that, the international schools market will reach 16,000 schools by 2026, teaching 8.75 million students. No wonder, the coming years will witness a school that celebrates different cultures creating a welcoming environment in which students can settle in and make friends. Some international schools not only offer a platform for global education, but also ensure that the curricula are quality audited to monitor curriculum delivery, teacher's instructive approach and even to find out whether there is a need for hand holding of students by teachers.

Understanding the increasing need of the hour, siliconindia Education brings to you `20 Most Promising International Schools in India ­ 2019'. This list features some of the best names for the industry who believes in creating the next generation of global citizens who are future ready and culturally empathetic of their peers.

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