Innovation & Persistence - The Way Ahead for Education

Since the beginning of this year, our dependence on technology has increased many-fold. From education to healthcare, almost everything has suddenly moved online at once. This means there is a draconian need for innovation at every level to ensure we continue to offer the best of solutions and the service remains uninterrupted. But then, this sudden shift and increase in the use of innovation means that the manpower entering the ecosystem should be smart enough to foresee the future and be able to innovate at lightning speed.

This is why it is essential for educational institutes to gear up, roll their sleeves and start teaching the art of innovation rather than just the regular curriculum. However, challenges are humongous, as text can easily be shifted online, but what about the labs? Virtual labs are though picking up, but it is going to take time. While on the other hand, physical presence on the campus are restricted till the government's next information. So what shall engineering colleges do? There is a need for the colleges to first become innovative in delivering education, and this should happen in jet speed. Any brake in the current innovation learning would mean we fall in the global innovation index, and this will hamper our startup ecosystem too.

In our current edition of siliconindia Education Magazine's `Top 100 Engineering Colleges in India ­ 2020', we feature some of such colleges that are high on innovative, world-class education quotient. These institutes are engaged in creating the engineers of tomorrow. We also break further and list down the top 10 engineering colleges from the five zones ­ North, East, West, South & Central along with two dedicated categories of top 10 Emerging Engineering Colleges and top 10 Private Universities. Read to know more and find you perfect education partner.

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