Early Education Possesses Lasting Effects

It’s understandable that a parents’care is prime in a child’s life, but the importance of preschool is also significant for the children’s proper development. The preschool market in India is poised to grow by $957.86 million, progressing at a CAGR of 9.57 percent during 2022-2026. The abundant growth in cities like Bengaluru present a great opportunity to the market, deploying a huge number of professionals under different IT and service industry verticals, and promoting entrepreneurship given the city’s wide evolving needs.

Toddlers and kids under the age of eight are so little, and it is quite imperative of parents to be sceptical about leaving them under some stranger care. But if emphasized, given the opportune benefits children can have attending preschools is also impossible to be overlooked. Preschools, acting as the second family to kids not only provide them with the pre-primary education, but also help them grow in a loving & caring environment, developing the critical skills that nurtures their cognitive and holistic brain development, while learning to adjust in different spaces.

Perhaps, there are concerns that never keep parents from getting over concerned, as child’s safety and mishandling issues generally leave parents troubled with such cases surging in numbers. However, with the spotlight of security, today preschools using the prowess of technology have placed the systems in right place. Providing parents with the ease to stream everything live that happens on their premises, they assure parents of their children's safety and security primarily.

In big cities, like Bangalore, every school promises the best for your child. Hence, it can often put parents in dilemma thinking which one to go after. To help such parents select some of the best preschools in Bangalore East zone, our current edition of siliconindia Education Magazine's has selected `10 Most Promising Pre-schools in Bangalore East - 2023'. Shortlisted after meticulous research and scrutiny, our Editorial Board has brought forward some of the most modern day pre-schools who follow unique methodologies, abreast with technology infrastructures to provide the best for your kids. Read through to know more about them. Do let us know what you think!