Creating a New Line of World - Class Preschools

Anamika Sahu, Managing EditorA strong foundation results in strong infrastructure that stays strong in tough times as well. We have known this forever. Though technology is ascertaining we achieve this in the world of concrete, it is tough to say the same for the education sector as for long we have lost the purpose of educating a child and rather following rote learning to just call them educated without proper knowledge. Hence in the recent times, the education industry is witnessing a shift towards more practical and holistic learning instead of following just the books.

However, this needs to go deep into the roots as early as the kids start their formal education i.e. preschools. Hence today’s
preschools have diversified for better and are strengthening their curriculum via deep research and thought that goes into creating such curriculums that are designed to fit the needs of the future. From the basic Montessori to the much customized curriculums, the preschools are enabling a new theme of learning for the kids. Experiential is surely gaining a step above the rest where learning through doing is enabling better recall in the kids. But despite schools turning into smart classes, majority of the preschools prefer going tech less so that kids can enjoy their childhood with real things around and real people that create real experiences.

Hence the demand for such preschools is growing at large. Featuring some such preschools who offer world class education through new and even patented curriculum is our current edition of siliconindia Education Magazine’s ‘10 Most Promising Preschool Franchises – 2020’. These schools handhold their students through the entire process of learning and even prepares them for the next big step in their education admission into any board of their choice. Their strong foundation is what is creating this magic and enabling a new era of bright minds that are well prepared for tomorrow, while through their franchises they are spreading this knowledge plinth to masses where they help franchises align with the core philosophy and even help them in establishing and running their preschools. Read to know more about them.
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