Choose Your Career Wisely

Anamika Sahu, Managing EditorYou go to a fish market. You pick salmon as you like it. Clear. But when you are planning on your career, are you so sure about the stream you choose for higher studies or the job that you pick? The answer may not be simple or easy because with the vast career options floating ahead of us, we usually flow with the wind and pick one, which might in the future have negative impact on our professional and personal lives. Hence, you need a true friend who can guide you through the sea of options available for your studies or take you out from your career glitch.

This is why the need for career counsellors is on the rise. They not just act as true friends, but sometimes as godfathers who pave path for your success. Hence, selecting the right friend is of utmost importance.
From advising and guiding through the course selection process using various psychometric assessments and AI-powered tools, these counsellors uses a number of ways to pick the perfect career path for you that you will never regret of, rather will enjoy its challenges with high spirit.

Helping you find your true best friend is our current edition of siliconindia Education’s ‘10 Most Promising Career Counselling Companies – 2020’. Handpicked post detailed analysis and due diligence, some of the featured companies have created their indigenous tools to measure a student’s/professional’s intellect to advise them the best suited career path or career transition. Read to know more about them. Picking the right course or the career is synonymous to happier and fruitful life, not just of yours, but your family too. Hence choose wisely!

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