Building The Sustainable Planet Of Tomorrow Leveraging Their Expertise

Smart, green buildings are not the future but the present need of the hour. Architectural engineers play an important role in making this possible. From reduction of greenhouse gas emissions to the construction of resilient buildings, we can find an architectural engineer at the heart of addressing all major architectural challenges of the 21st century. However, their major challenge remains working parallelly in integrating technology whilst catering to the need of sustainable planet.

To achieve this, they don't just apply the latest scientific knowledge and technologies to the buildings designs but are working on alternative ways of finding solutions to address the sustainability part too. The architectural engineer also works towards improving the structural integrity of buildings and building systems. Though architectural engineering firms specialize in one or more aspects of the service, the need of the hour is a company that acts as a ones-stop-shop for almost every architectural need, right from architectural design, interior design, liasoning/government approvals to project management.

Bringing you the story of few such companies who offer uncompromised architectural engineering services is our current issue of siliconindia Magazine's `10 Most Promising Architectural Engineering Services Providers ­ 2020'. Our team of experts comprising of our Editorial Board, and industry veterans have shortlisted the names post months of due diligence and now bring to you the story of their specialization, services and excellence. Read to know more about them.

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