Better Late Than Never To Stem Employability

Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics are subjects that have, since time immemorial, defined evolution of society, to an advanced one. Initiatives and policies such as Make in India and Skill India by the Government have landed with the objective of taking India to a higher pedestal of academic and scientific excellence.

While that's a welcome move, there has been a great amount of pressure on the demand for STEM Education in India, in order to churn out highly skilled graduates. Once just a part of the curriculum, Science is now the source of stress for the education sector of India as they try to impart on its sizeable young population. A large chunk of India's population still lives in economically challenging conditions.

Given the circumstances, it's a challenge for educational institutions to stay abreast with scientific and technological innovations. More importantly, adding the frequent developments in STEM Learning in their curricula in a holistic manner while keeping in mind both students' employ ability as well as social development, is a key challenge. In 2011, the Wall Street Journal reported that 75 percent of India's tech grads aren't qualified for jobs in the very high-tech global industries India has become famous for.

It's fair to conclude that STEM education in India is to be brought to mainstream and made an integral part in catering to the need of fulfilling the loopholes in the education sector. Several private and government initiatives have been undertaken to introduce and establish STEM initiatives in primary, secondary and higher education in India, but they are neither concerted nor consistent. Yet it must be observed that a considerable number of Indian students have enrolled in STEM categories of education.

Furthermore, edTech startups have finally come to terms with the rising demand for STEM education and have devised exceptional packages for the same. Though India is in its nascent stage trying to catch up with the pace of development in the STEM learning, it has nevertheless stepped on the right foot to invest in the same wisely.