Becoming the Stock Market Champion

Anamika Sahu, Managing EditorTwo of my friends are regular investors in stock market. Let’s name them Amitabh and Pradeep. Last quarter, Amitabh earned lakhs in return, while Pradeep lost lakhs in trading. The reason? While the Amitabh did a detailed research on the stock he was investing in and also kept a constant check on the analytics, Pradeep took it too casually to go back and check on it. Yes, stock market can be a quick earner for you but only if you act like Amitabh. More so in the current times when the stock market globally is on a swing.
This makes stock trading and investing an even crucial task if you are a novice. Unlike the professional traders who possess every required skill set to earn those extra money either for themselves or for their clients, the beginner always trembles in the absence of basic knowledge. Mostly attracted by the quick bucks the industry helps earn, housewives, earlystage professionals and even college students turn towards investing their small savings. Mostly no one to go by but the hearsay and the advice of friends/family, they can now turn towards taking professional training from the stock market training institutes.

If you are one of them looking at pursuing a course in stock market, our current edition of siliconindia Education Magazine’s ‘10 Most Promising Stock Market Training Institutes -2019’ is the perfect yellow book you need to find your teacher. Featuring some of the most eminent names from the industry holding years of experience in trading and investing, these masters leverage their expertise to help their students experience live trading during the learning process to gain those extra edges to deal with the market individually. Read to know more about them.
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