Answering the Most Difficult Questions

You’re back from the long cozy Christmas or New Year holidays and head back to login to work; first thing that comes to your mind is a question: do I really want to spend another year in this job? Even before you attempt to answer that question, you must be ready with a plan if your answer is ‘No’ .

That’s alright, almost everyone goes through a phase of questioning their work, perhaps after a major life change, when their job stops being challenging, or when there's simply something else they’d rather be doing. You know that long held passion! However, after nearly two years of the pandemic’s havoc, it feels like there have never been so many people rethinking their careers.

Although workers can turn to friends and family to work through these crises, in recent years, a vast career coaching industry has emerged, promising to help people find new direction in their professional life, and gain the skills to set and achieve their goals. That, or so much so to catapult their prospects of promotion in the current organization.

Coaching has evolved from being the preserve of executive elites to something made increasingly available as a company perk, or sought out by individuals. Yet, it’s an unregulated industry, and a coach can be a significant expense. However, we at siliconindia are known to bring you the best and value for money. We hope this edition helps you find your coach to finding a bright career.

Nevertheless, while career coaches can’t wave a magic wand and fix your January job woes, the current employment fluidity as well as workers’ increased desire to find careers that fit better with their lives and values may well mean more people turn to career coaches to help them work out their next steps.
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